Saturday Funnies: Felonious Spa Day

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Cumz Spends the Day at the Spa!

Saturday Funnies


Youz be Escorted to the Spa by a very Helpful Staff

Saturday Funnies


We canz enjoy the Fresh Air.  Get a great Tan. Exercise

Saturday Funnies


There’s Good Food that we Cookz

Saturday Funnies


We canz get away from Social Media

Saturday Funnies


There’z Make-up Classes

Saturday Funnies


Youses can get your picture taken after

Saturday Funnies


Yousez Can make some Friends here at the Spa

Saturday Funnies


Yousez Need More? Watch The Spa Video


Yousez can join for one day for ONLY $100

Don’t youzes forget!


No Receipts

Feds Still Be Watching  ◔_◔


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously*



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