TI Puts The Fear of God in Apollo For Accusing Him of Snitching!

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More bad news for Apollo Nida…

As we reported yesterday, convicted felon and career criminal, Apollo Nida agreed to wear a wire to entrap his accomplices and other criminals for the feds. In exchange for his “cooperation” (snitching), Apollo would receive a lighter sentence in his bank and identity fraud case. Apollo was facing 30 years in prison and fines up to $1 million, plus restitution for an estimated $2.3 million so he started snitching on everybody!!

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Reportedly, Apollo’s Parole Officer played a role in the bank and identity fraud scheme and members of the Atlanta Law Enforcement were involved. 

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When the story broke, Apollo immediately took to Twitter to defend himself by claiming the “Cooperation” portion of his plea agreement was standard language in any plea deal, and T.I. and Michael Vick’s plea deals also contained the same verbiage. Has Apollo even seen T.I.’s or Mike Vick’s plea agreements? That’s where he messed up….Bad move!!!

Apollo Nida

Well, T.I. and his boy, Killa Mike did not take too kindly to Apollo’s accusations and confronted Apollo in Atlanta yesterday. T.I. let it be known….keep my name out yo mouth…our cases are NOT similar!  And the whole confrontation was captured on tape. You can hear Killer Mike tell Apollo “perception is reality”…”you need to CLARIFY!”  Apollo looks scared as hell and was so afraid he couldn’t get his words out correctly, he started stuttering and grinning nervously.



Watch the video of the altercation below:

Needless to say, Apollo quickly deleted his tweet and CLARIFIED with the following tweets.


Apollo didn’t stop there, he followed up with another tweet, addressed directly to T.I.’s Twitter handle:

Clipular apollo

T.I. made no responses to Apollo’s apologies. Damn!! Apollo’s not in prison yet and already acting like somebody’s bitch! 


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