Blind Item: Reality TV Housewife Hides Her Criminal And Whoring Past

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Blind Item

Good Morning Y’all!

Happy Friday AATT’ers!

Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and grab a mug, I’m serving piping hot tea this morning…

This reality TV housewife presents herself as a wholesome classy housewife but has a criminal and whoring past. She’s a member of high society circles. Her high society friends have no clue of this woman’s past. A past that includes drugs, whoring for money and setting men up.

She ran from this past and moved far away to get a fresh start. 

She acts holier than thou, hoity toity, above it all. She uses her material wealth as symbols that she has overcome the “old” her but we’re not sure she’s buried her past entirely.

We’re not judging because every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future!

Any clue who this housewife might be? Sound off in the comments.


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