VH1 Removes The ‘LeAnn & Eddie Show’ Preview Video From Their Website

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Brandi Glanville

As we reported, a sneak peek of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s new “scripted” reality show was released by VH1 last week. A link to the video was tweeted by LeAnn Rimes herself, in an effort to create a buzz for her new show.

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The preview was an absolute trainwreck! This is by far the worst concept for a reality show I’ve ever seen. The concept is a far-fetched idea of “scripted” reality entertainment. I really question the intelligence of some production companies and networks.

If LeAnn and Eddie wanted a successful show, they should have consulted a professional (reality television) star, Brandi Glanville for pointers.

The footage shown was boring and the couple have zero chemistry. The overwhelming consensus from a majority of viewers were very negative. The show is a complete flop.

The LeAnn & Eddie Show got trashed in the VH1 comment section and on social media. 

In response to the negative feedback, VH1 has removed the preview video from it’s site and replaced it with a “fluff” press release on the couple. Ouch!

LeAnn’s next song should be titled “Karma is a bitch!”

The show is scheduled to premiere on July 17 on VH1.  

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