Breaking News: Apollo Nida SNITCHED On Atlanta Police To Get Lighter Sentence

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As we previously reported, convicted felon and career criminal, Apollo Nida pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud as part of a plea agreement on Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

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Mr. Nida’s plea agreement (Read Apollo’s Plea Agreement Here) states that he agreed to work undercover for the feds (wear a wire) to get a lighter sentence in his bank and identity fraud charges. Apollo was facing serious charges that carry up to 30 years in prison. In addition to fines up to $1 million, plus restitution for an estimated $2.3 million. So naturally he started snitching on everybody!

According to a source, Apollo Nida had accomplices. Many assumed as much since Apollo is dumb as a box of rocks, there was NO WAY he could carry out an intricate plot own his own.  The Mediatakeout source claims Apollo’s Parole Officer played a role in the bank and identity fraud scheme and members of the Atlanta Law Enforcement were reportedly involved. 

We reported yesterday, it was revealed in Apollo’s plea agreement, he snitched but the identities of his other accomplices were unknown.

“All About The Tea” received information directly from our own source who claims, Apollo’s bank and identity fraud scam was a large-scale scheme, concocted from within the prison by a gang of inmates. The scam involved several prisons across the US. This tea ties into his parole officer(s) aiding and abetting parolees to make an easy transition (with the scam) from prison to the streets. This explains how Apollo paroled from prison in 2009 and started this fraud scam within the same year of his release from prison. 


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