Apollo Nida Turned Snitch For The Feds: Details of Plea Agreement Enclosed

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Apollo in court

More bad news for Apollo Nida. I got my hands on Apollo Nida’s Plea Agreement with the feds.  And the puzzle pieces are starting to fit. Many speculated as to why Apollo was not arrested at the time of his initial hearing on January 21st, considering he was currently on parole. Parole conditions stipulate if a parolee commits a felony crime while on parole, that automatically violates the terms of the agreement. The parolee is then re-arrested and required to complete the remainder of their sentence in prison. When Apollo was not arrested and sent back to prison in January, many were scratching their heads in amazement.

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After reading Apollo’s plea agreement, the mystery has been solved. Apollo agreed to work with the feds in an “undercover investigative capacity” as part of his plea agreement. Below is excerpt from the plea agreement, which describes how the feds will monitor and record conversations and other interaction between Apollo and  persons suspected of criminal activity. 

Undercover Work

Upon request by the Government, the Defendant agrees to act in an undercover investigative capacity to the best of ability. The Defendant agrees that Defendant will make himself available to the law enforcement agents designated by the Government, will fully comply with all reasonable instructions given by such agents, and will allow such agents to monitor and record conversations and other interaction with persons suspected of criminal activity.
The Defendant understands that the Government alone will determine what forms of cooperation to request from the Defendant, and the Defendant agrees that Defendant will not engage in any investigation that is not specifically authorized by the Government.

For Apollo’s cooperation, the feds will recommend a reduced sentence. The plea agreement states:

The Government agrees to make the extent of the Defendant’s cooperation known to the sentencing court. In addition, if the cooperation is completed before sentencing and the Government determines that such cooperation qualifies as “substantial assistance” pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 3553(e) and/or Section5Kl.l of the Sentencing Guidelines, the Government will file a motion at sentencing recommending a downward departure from the applicable guideline range. 

Now for those not familiar with prisoner code of ethics (yes, prisoners have a code of ethics), the number one prison rule is NO SNITCHING! Hence, the term “snitches get stitches and end up in ditches.”

With the release of Apollo’s plea agreement identifying him as a snitch,  he now has a target on his back. I’m truly scared for his pretty ass now!

When fellow inmates label another prisoner a snitch, it’s a wrap for the “snitch.” Said prisoner better beg for isolation or face prison justice! 

This could potentially place his wife and kids in harm way as well. Wow!!!!!

The plea agreement also stipulates upon his conviction, Apollo must forfeit to the government any property derived from the proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of his crimes. This includes money, homes, cars, jewelry, etc. I wonder if the ladies of Magic City Strip Club will have to return the thousands of dollars, Apollo lavished on them.


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