EXCLUSIVE: Apollo Nida Asks Twitter to Verify His Account, 8 Hours After Pleading Guilty To Fraud

Posted on May 7 2014 - 12:28pm by Avigail


Fresh off of his guilty plea yesterday, Apollo Nida is working on his to-do list before he goes to the pokey for a long prison sentence. First item on prisoner #693254A Apollo’s list is to get his Twitter account verified by Twitter. Apollo tweeted to “@verified” last night “THIS IS THE REAL APOLLO NIDA FROM RHOA PLEASE VERIFY ME.”  We all know Apollo isn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed but COME ON! Does he really think he can tweet from prison?

Apollo was released from his first prison sentence in 2009 and the rules haven’t changed. And if he could tweet, what would he tweet anyways?…”Turned up in O’range” or “Lights out at 10:00,” I mean really!

Apollo Nida

Yesterday, the career criminal pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud. These charges carry up to 30 years in the slammer. In addition, he will be subjected to fines up to $1 million, plus restitution for an estimated $2.3 million. Sentencing has been scheduled for July 8 at 2 p.m.

Mostly celebrities and public figures verify their Twitter accounts to establish authenticity of their identities on Twitter. Any account with a blue verified badge  on their profile is a verified account. That way the public can distinguish between an actual celebrity and imposter accounts.

Why Apollo feels it’s imperative he verifies his account now when he has 61 days left before he’s sentenced on July 8th is beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps, the twice convicted felon plans to smuggle a cell phone into prison and tweet from PrisonInmates Online, who knows!!

Cell phones are commonly smuggled into prisons via body cavity and prisoners secretly Tweet and Facebook from prison. However, it’s violates prison rules. 

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In an ironic twist, July 8th happens to be the same sentencing day for Teresa and Joe’s Giudice, stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. How convenient for “All About The Tea,”  Apollo can share Teresa and Joe Giudice’s “Countdown to Sentencing” clock, located on the site’s sidebar.


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  • RonnieIsBack

    He is an idiot..his priorities….He needs to try to verify:
    His marital status
    His character status
    His brain usage status

    • ZammyB

      I’d say he start with the brain usage.

    • LOL—yes and in that order! I don’t know what to say about this man. He’s just dumb!

      Hi Ronnie!! 🙂

      • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

        Yoh Doc,
        This site is gaining more and more and more new posters.
        Folks are really tired of getting jumped on by unintelligible Azzwipes who attack on another site with a starting initial of Radar.
        CONGRATULATIONS to all of y’all who started AAtT!!!
        (I feel pretty confident to have said that last statement!)

        • Hi TTaA!! Sorry for the late reply, been swamped all day. It sucks getting beat up on, in the name of reality tv characters. Seems so silly to me. I appreciate AATT also. I’m happy we can come here, congregate openly without fear of being attack.

    • Babson_Chick

      Agree!! However he doesn’t have any of those left at this point.

  • ZammyB

    Gotta say seeing this I had a SMH moment! Really now?! What is it with these Bravolebrities!

    • Hi Zam! I guess since he doesn’t have Fake looking over his shoulder he’s running buckwild.

      • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

        Hey Doc,
        Did you read Tamara’s article on RHOA “… : Not One but Two Arrests Occurred.” of 5-6-14?
        It’s vehry interesting.

        • WestCoastFeed

          I read that, too. Who stole Kenya’s laptop?

          • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

            An opinion expressed by some posters is that it was somebody in Apollo’s posse of wankers. Because indicators were that it was found/retrieved.

          • WestCoastFeed

            TT was very careful when she wrote that blog, but she mentioned Apollo’s posse before she talked about the theft, leaving it for her posters to assume that the posse did it.

          • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

            Yep…TT (like most sites) let’s us create our own conclusions, regardless of whether they may be correct or not .

  • Why hasn’t my account been verified?

    If you think you meet the criteria for verification and have not yet
    received a badge, please be patient. We are working within key interest
    areas to verify accounts that are sought after by other Twitter users.
    We don’t accept verification requests from the general public, but we
    encourage you to continue using Twitter in a meaningful way, and you may
    be verified in the future. Please note that follower count is not a
    factor in determining whether an account meets our criteria for

    • Babson_Chick

      Love it!! I think his account should be Vilified!!!

      • ZammyB

        Oh Babson chick u crack me up! 🙂 n AGREED!

        • Babson_Chick

          Thanks!! We have so much goofy reality people’s material to work with!!!

          • ZammyB

            I know! Especially the ones on Bravo!

          • Babson_Chick

            Now that’s the truth – it’s getting crazier every year – what will be in next year?? We’re tired of the “trying to or I want a baby”, writing a book, new jewelry line, designing clothes, new booze line

  • @verified has made 4 tweets and does not respond to tweets. They clearly state you can not ask to be verified….they come to you…..”We don’t accept verification requests”

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    LMFAO…1st off at the Countdown Clock, LOVE IT! Priceless!

    2nd…is he SERIOUS!!! I mean seriously?! Instead of spending time with your wife & children…this guy is MORE concerned with getting his twitter account verified…BOY BYE!!!

  • RealitySuxx

    I just…I just can.not.stand.him

    • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

      RS, You are so correct, with justifiable reasons!

    • Ditto!

  • Norrth

    Is he planning to have someone continue his twitter feed? So strange! I wonder if he thinks someone will try ti impersonate him. He really does seem to think he has a following (especially young people who are looking up to him). Sure.

    • He is a roll model on Porsha choo choo train

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    The wanker is deranged and fully worthy of a modified name, Duh-pollo.

    • @apollonida03 <–Narc, Turncoat, Weasel, Stoolie, Fink
      Narcollo, Turnollo, Weasollo, Stoolyollo??? #Imbecil-ollo

      • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

        Doxie…That’s funny.

  • Raine Woman

    Someone get this thug a helmet! He’s starting to make Teresa look smart.

    Wait…maybe I need a helmet?

  • Marsbars09

    Phae was real stupid to latch onto this loser. I wonder how she’s going to explain to her sons how she met their father.

  • SpringBreeze14

    He really isn’t all that attractive when you look at him at different angles! To a basic chick like Phaedra he would be…I don’t even think Apollo has 60,000 followers so he needs to go somewhere with this “I’ve got a fan base” crap. Only folks who admire him are criminals and hoes lol.

  • #rhoa Kenya Moore laptop was stolen from her car and NOT related to #RHOAReunion
    FOLLOW @AboutTheTea //allaboutthetea.com
    LapTop was returned to Kenya Moore…. sounds like the very same day. No wallet stollen at reunion. No police report. No posse. No Apollo Nida hanging out after he was released from filming schedule.