RHONJ News: Is Someone Feeding The Media Fraud Stories About Melissa & Joe Gorga?

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In another installment of ‘Felons by Bravo,’ Real Housewives of New Jersey stars,  Melissa and Joe Gorga are in the felon hot seat this time.

According to a source of Star magazine:

“Joe and Melissa definitely have a bad reputation, and their credit history doesn’t track well. With their past legal troubles and current financial woes, no one can figure out who would be dumb enough to loan them money or what they did to get the loans. When Teresa and Joe started flaunting their money on the show,the Feds watched them very closely-and busted them. There’s no way they aren’t watching the Gorgas now.”

Now, I want to make this abundantly clear, especially to all you Trehuggers, Joe and Melissa Gorga have NOT been charged by the feds with any crime. NOT ONE! The above accusation is mere rumor not an official statement from the government. 

What I know of Melissa and Joe Gorga are, they pay their bills and are honest hard working people. And until fraud charges are officially filed against them, I won’t label them otherwise. 

Frankly, I doubt the validity of the “source.” This sounds like the handy work of Joe Gorga’s sister, Teresa Giudice. She can’t stand to be the only criminal in the bunch. *SIGH* Misery loves company!

Joe Gorga’s sister, Teresa Giudice and her nefarious hubby, Joe Giudice are they only couple on the RHONJ to hold the esteem title of CONVICTED FELONS! Both Joe and Teresa Giudice were convicted of felony fraud charges on March 4th for scamming banks and bankruptcy courts out of millions. The Guidice’s are awaiting sentencing on July 8th.

Teresa Giudice

This Star Magazine article will hit stands on May 12th. The story also mentions that the Gorgas have in $35,000 tax liens pending and $130,000+ in civil lawsuits.  


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