Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Is Nene Leaving RHOA, Apollo’s Strip Club Attire, Kenya is The Star [Part 3]

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The final installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Season six aired last night. I’m very happy it’s finally over!

The husbands joined their wives on the couch and it was a night of Phaedra & Apollo versus Kenya and Nene versus Kenya. The gang up on Kenya Moore was very apparent. Nene and Phaedra picked up the slack where Porsha failed and they tag-teamed Kenya.

The tag-team divas (Nene and Phaedra) high five and lean on each for approval, all night.

Right away, Andy Cohen sets the tone by pitting Nene and Kenya against each other with comparisons, they are both girls with BIG personalities! This pissed Nene off from the start. How dare Princess Andy compare the HBIC to Kenya Moore (sarcasm)? Footage of the Bailey Bowl is shown and Nene is confronted with her controlling ways with her friendships. Nene’s philosophy in friends is “it’s my way or the highway.” Nene accuses Kenya of breaking up her friendship with Marlo by instigating the Bailey Bowl.

Kenya tells Nene she’s a dictator and then reads a text proving that Nene did not want Marlo to film with her and if she did, she would need to stay there (with Kenya). Nene pulls Cynthia into the fray and Cynthia backs up the statement….if Marlo films with Kenya, she needs to stay there. Now, why would any mature confident woman care who films with whom? It’s very telling that Nene is childish and threatened by Kenya Moore taking over her Queen Bee role on the show.


Andy reads one of NeNe’s blogs, where she responded to one of Kandi’s TH’s. Kandi mocked the fact Nene ran from Marlo at the Bailey Bowl. In rebuttal Nene wrote she didn’t want to act ratchet like Mama Joyce. Kandi felt insulted and feels family should be off limits. NeNe, in typical Nene form started shouting and refused to take it back. She dismissed Kandi’s feelings and would not apologize. No wonder this woman has no friends. Nene is a total bitch!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6


Kenya’s masquerade ball is introduced. Andy reads a fan question regarding Nene’s unprofessional speech at the charity event. Nene says…well, since people think I never apologize, they can go to Bravo (the website) and read my apology.Kenya explains she made a private donation to Savings Our Daughters and the charity later removed the letter (accusing her of not making any donations) from their website.

Then NeNe challenges Kenya to match her $20,000 donation to any charity of her choice. Nene is very arrogant in her offer. The offer was not made in the spirit of giving but rather an arrogant challenge to see whether Kenya can actually match her donation. Kenya accepts the challenge and chose the Detroit Public School System.

Then Kenya reveals she believes NeNe is angry because her “fans” (what’s left of them) are saying Kenya has dethroned NeNe as queen of RHOA.A lot of her fans have turned on her. Nene quickly tells Kenya, she wants to be the new queen but she’s not.  I agree with Kenya. Nene seems frazzled and frantic to hold onto her Queen Bee title.

The men enter the reunion. A montage of Cynthia clips are shown. Cynthia briefly touches on her fibroids and how it affected her bedroom action with her husband. Cyn says she’s glad that Peter didn’t go have sex with someone else but if he did, she couldn’t fault him. Say what now? I wonder about Cynthia’s mental state sometimes. Peter comes prepared with his very own peach in response to NeNe’s earlier claim that he is trying to be a housewife and acts like a bitch. He says he’s entitled to state his opinion and will share it. Gregg then points out, NeNe didn’t call Peter a bitch, she said he was acting like one. Thanks for the clarification Gregg but it’s the same thing!


Andy brings up Nene calling Brandon a queen. I didn’t know “queen” was a gay slur in Atlanta but I think it’s all in the delivery and context. And clearly Nene meant it in a derogatory way. Andy calls her out and Nene is dismissive. Nene says…. “if I offended you Andy or anyone in the gay community, since I never apologize.” Andy doesn’t seem thrilled with Nene’s attitude and mocking of the insult.

A video of couples night is shown and a debate ensues about whether or not Christopher Williams was right or wrong for putting his hands on Kenya when she stood up and started walking towards Natalie Williams. Kenya thinks it was wrong for Christopher to put his hands on her and the rest of the cast thinks Christopher’s grab was not aggressive and meant in a malicious. Phaedra then drops a bombshell accusation, telling Kenya: weren’t you sleeping with him (Christopher Williams) wasn’t that the real issue.

Up next are Apollo and Phaedra’s shaky marriage. But before they got into that. Kenya spilled some tea about Nene. Kenya said she overheard Nene screaming  that the producers are making Kenya late on purpose, you guys are trying to make Kenya the star of the show but I’m the only star of the show.


Despite divorce rumors, Apollo and Phaedra maintained their marriage is stronger than ever. However, recent interviews prove different and they’re in marriage counseling. A strong marriage doesn’t require marriage counseling. Andy asked Apollo about his legal situation, Apollo responded, “we’ll see how it plays out.” But then he totally and unexpectedly throws Kenya under the bus for seemingly no good reason. He tells Kenya she better hope nothing happens to him because then she wouldn’t have a story line, claiming he “made” her. Apollo, cereal for breakfast not crack, puleeeeeeeze!

It’s quite obvious, Phaedra and Apollo are having issues in their marriage. That was made glaringly apparent with Apollo’s outfit, he was dressed for the strip club and she was going to a debutante ball.

RHOA Apollo

Phaedra chimes in and starts telling Kenya about her coming after her “Clean man” ApolloPhaedra tells Kenya, she’s picking a sperm donor from a catalog from a guy who needed $10 for a pizza. Making a mockery of Kenya’s fertility issues is hitting below the belt.

While Phaedra goes on her rant about Kenya wanting her man, Ms. Twirl is  busy typing on her phone. Wish I could read that text! Kenya says “done rolling around in the mud with pigs.” Then Andy asks if that means if she’s leaving the show. Kenya doesn’t respond.

Not to be outdone, Nene chimes in that the show has changed over the years and it’s unclear on whether she plans to return as well. Suuuuure Nene!

Unseen footage of couples night is shown. We see Nene prancing around like Big Foot on steroids, she’s pissed that the “star” of the show is late. That proves Kenya’s earlier claims that Nene said she was the star of the show.

Then we see a fight between Phaedra and Apollo. Phaedra claims it was after the Brandon fight and she told Apollo he shouldn’t be fighting.  Apollo is screaming at Phaedra, walks off and calls her an asshole.

The ladies say their closing remarks for the season and that wraps season six. Thank you Lawd!! This was just too much!

Andy Cohen


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