Porsha Williams On Watch What Happens Live: She’s Not Sorry For Her Actions!

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 Porsha Williams

Since her violent attack on Kenya Moore at the reunion, Porsha has been on an interview tour. Last week she appeared on “Access Hollywood” and “The View.”  Last night she joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse for a one-on-one interview. As predicted, Miss “Underground Choo-Choo Train Railroad” repeated a lot of the things she’s said in previous interviews.

Porsha believes she doesn’t owe Kenya Moore an apology for attacking her. Porsha can’t grasp the concept of the role she played in her arrest and subsequent circumstances. She really believes her actions were justified because she was “provoked.” That’s the logic of a child. Adults know how to think through their issues and handle them without resorting to violence. Didn’t we learn this in second grade?

A few things I learned from the interview:

  • Porsha is not sorry for her actions
  • Porsha takes no accountability for her actions
  • Porsha feels Kenya Moore owes her an apology?!?
  • Porsha told Phaedra she’s remorseful that she let Kenya win?!? (Failed mission)
  • Porsha has not spoken to Cynthia because Cynthia’s stance is Porsha is responsible for her actions
  • Porsha was upset that she got her makeup & hair done then had to sit in a urine scented dirty jail cell with criminals. She was very annoyed by that inconvenience
  • Porsha will be back for season 7

On WWHL, Porsha played the victim role like she’s done in previous interviews. She was bullied, provokedphysically abused by Kordell, etc. The RHOA star is unbearable. She still takes no accountability for her actions. And her pitiful appearance made a bad situation worse! 

Andy Cohen should be ashamed of himself for giving Porsha a platform to carry out this charade. The one-on-one interview was a waste of 30 minutes I will never get back.  


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