Exclusive Interview: Mariah Huq Spills The Tea About The Drama With Quad

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I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the Queen Bee of Married to MedicineMariah HuqMariah is most known for being the beautiful sassy wife of Dr. Aydin Huq on Bravo’s Married to Medicine.  The straight talking, witty, hardworking wife and mother has made a real impact with fans of the show across the globe.

Mariah Huq

Behind the straight talking beauty is an astute business woman. As mastermind and Producer of Married to Medicine, Mariah is responsible for the concept of the show. In addition, she’s also, Chief Operating Officer of a multimillion dollar business, Jewel and Jem, which she co-owns with her sister, LakeJewel and Jem is a cultural decor business, featuring designer bedding and pajamas for kids. 

In an exclusive interview with AllAboutTheTea, Mariah dished on the drama with her former best friend Quad Webb-Lunceford, what’s behind the demise of their friendship, new cast members, business ventures and family bonds. 

1. It seems to the viewers that your co-stars have been excluding you from events. What’s your take on it?

Mariah: “I don’t feel excluded. I was invited to many events and chose not to attend. I wanted no drama and every time I would attend events, the Quad situation would come up. Being the creator of the show, I had a higher level of expectation for them [Bravo] to show more of a balance. I run a multimillion business that was never showed.”

2. She opens up on how she feels about the show’s newest cast members Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole

Married to Medicine

Mariah: Dr Heavenly is an interesting character. She’s polarizing, has strong views on family. Love her or hate her, you [the viewers] will remember her. I love her! She tells it, how she feels. She’s great for the show.”

Mariah:Lisa Nicole and I are not acquainted. Based on her character on the show, she’s boring,  a snooze…..Zzzzzz !  I don’t know her to say much about her but if I had to describe her I would say she’s a ‘Lisa Wu knock-off’ and my choice would be the real Lisa Wu

3. Quad’s version of events about your meeting at STK Steakhouse does not match yours. Can you elaborate on the meeting?

Mariah Huq & Quad

The curse of reality television has reared it’s ugly head. Mariah  and Quad are no longer friends. After season one aired, the once fun outlandish duo had a disagreement over “who was more famous.” And this is not made-up drama for the show. The former BFF’s have had public arguments that occurred off camera that were hyped up by outside parties. Season two’s main storyline will surround the debauchery and fallout of their friendship.

Mariah: “I made a bad decision to go meet Quad at STK ( Popular Atlanta Steakhouse). I went with an open heart and mind. Before the show [season 2] started filming, we met and talked for 6 hrs, we cried and made-up. When we met again at STK [filming started but this meeting was not filmed] she brought a group of people with her [Funky Dineva & Reco Chapple] that I didn’t know would be there. Our meeting was suppose to be Quad and I alone, no one else. I was not drunk.  It saddens me, Quad went back and told people all lies about our meeting. She told people I was jealous of her because she was more famous than me. How could she be more famous than me when I brought her on the show? I never put my hands on her. I do miss the old Quad. Fame changes people.”

4. I loved your friendship with Quad last season. Is the friendship repairable?

Mariah: “I’m not sure if the friendship is repairable. Maybe in time I can forgive her. Time heals old wounds but too much has happened to recoup from that. She wrote a blog calling my mom names. I can’t move past that.”

5. I’m impressed with your love and knowledge of Bangladeshi culture. What’s your favorite part of the culture?


Mariah: “It’s a very unique and diverse culture [Bangladeshi]. The food, language and attire…I love all of it. I’m intrigued with cultures of the world. My family exposed viewers to another culture “Blackadeshi.” I’m African-American and I married, Aydin, who is from Bangladesh. When we got married we merged our families together and embraced both cultures. It was not easy at first. Both of our families were apprehensive initially of the unknown but my husband was very supportive. He respected me and both of our families grew to accept the relationship.” 

6. If you could go back in time, would you change anything (season 1 or season 2)?

Mariah: “Absolutely, I would change the fight [with Toya]. The fight changed the whole direction of the show. As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, I should have walked away. Had the fight not happen, the direction of the show [season 1] would have been different. I didn’t want them [Bravo] to play a lot of those scenes but they did. In season three, as Executive Producer, I will have a hand in the creative process. I will also receive “Concept by” credit. “


7.  Do you have any business ventures you’d like to promote?

Mariah: “We’re launching Cinnamon Girl Diet & Nutrition, a line of doctor formulated dietary supplements, protein bars and shakes that aid in decreasing obesity in minority women. The line will be sold worldwide, available in the US, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, my sister Lake and I own and operate, Jewel and Jem. A cultural decor business, featuring designer bedding and pajamas for kids. Available now at Macys, Bloomingdales and selected vendors.”

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