Saturday Funnies: 9 Shades Of Federaltastic Orange

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Finally! The Custom Make-up Iza Gotz Here!

Saturday Funnies

Created by My Make-up Artist based on the Colors Used on Me

We Offers:

* Clink Pink Palette

* Federal Beige Palette 


All Magnetized Press Powders in a Fabulous Case.

Each Set Includes:

* 1 Signature Bronzer in a Prison print

* 2 Blushes

* 3 Eyeshadows


They’ll be available in my cell TG Felonabulous. and wez tryng to getz its to youses at Wally World.

Saturday Funnies

These Custom Make-up Pallets were Designed by the Artist

Saturday Funnies

Who Did my Make-up For My Books Tours

Saturday Funnies


It Includes Everything You Need for Whens Youz Hasta Goez ‘Aways’

Saturday Funnies


The Kit Includes a Mirrored Case with Jewel-Toned Magnetized Pressed Powders That Can be Swapped Out or Rearranged Howevers Youz Wants

Saturday Funnies

Each Kit Comes With:

* 1 signature bronzer in a felonastic Prison print

* 2 Blushes

* 3 Eyeshadows


The Prison Pallet colors include:

TG Signature bronzer in Prison print
-Bronzer gives all skin types a soft glow and the delusion of a delicious sun tan.

Clink Pink, PenitentiaryBeige  & Dungeon Black

Slammer Orange & Solitary Salmon

There are 2 Blushes: one for day use.  Like atz works:

Saturday Funnies

Andz Ones for Nightz:

Saturday Funnies

 Saturday Funnies

The set retails for $95, but we’re offering it for a special introductory price of $65! 

A steal for me Deal!



Don’t youzes forget!


No Receipts

Feds Still Be Watching  ◔_◔


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously*



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