The Voice: Live Shows – Top 10

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Hey all!!  A new night, a new live show.  Top 10 performances!!  Last night a couple of the contestants are taking some risks.  So let’s just jump right in……


Team Adam – Kat Perkins “Landslide”

Top 10 Live Show

Okay, I think I would have been freaking out to have to sing in front of Graham Nash to begin with.  To be singing “Landslide” in front of him, such a classic song which I’m sure he knows like as well as anyone could, I think I seriously would have fainted dead away.

Blake – He liked seeing the softer side of Kat.

Shakira – Great performance.

Usher – He liked the stripped down version rather than the theatrical performance.

Adam – Adam was happy that they got to share this song with a new generation of people through Kat and his is blissful to have her on his team.

My two cents – A fantastic, beautiful performance.  Great way to start off the show!


Team Shakira – Tess Boyer “Ain’t it Fun”

Top 10 Live Show

Busbee (music producer/writer) came in to help Shakira with her artists this week.  By the way, I absolutely HATED Tess’ dress.  Yuck!

Adam – “You should be really happy with that”.

Usher – He liked seeing her being able to move around and use the stage.

Blake – Pitch perfect!

Shakira – She loved Tess’ sass.

My two cents – Vocally, it was great.  But unfortunately, I found it forgettable.   I won’t remember it tomorrow.  Or maybe even in ten minutes.


Team Blake – Audra MacLaughlin “You Lie Here”

Top 10 Live Show

Producer Scott Hendrix came in to help Blake this week and he and Blake gave her some great notes to work with.

Adam – Best performance so far, as good as any vocal performance can be…ever.

Shakira – “You’re not going anywhere.”  She predicts a top 5 finish for Audra.

Usher – “It sucks that I can’t do that.”  He said she was able to move the room without moving.  Huh?

Blake – “You grabbed everybody and make them pay attention to you.”  He called it, her moment.

My two cents – I think I’m feeling cranky tonight because I’m not digging this performance.


Team Usher – Josh Kauffman “This is it”

Top 10 Live Show

They showed a great little package of Josh talking to his little girl on the phone…..say it with me now….awwwwww!  But yeah, chalk it up to me being cranky because I’m not feeling this song either.Maybe I just don’t like Kenny Loggins?  Because I really like Josh.

Adam – He continues to be angry that he let Josh go from his team.

Shakira – Did she talk?  If she did, I missed it.

Blake – Radio-ready.  Called Adam a jackass for letting Josh go.

Usher – He looks forward to seeing Josh here longer.

My two cents – Eh.

Team Adam – Christina Grimme  “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Top 10 Live Show

When Graham Nash is impressed, the rest of us should be impressed, too.  I just wish I had known this song in its original form so I could marvel at the change Christina made to it.

Shakira – Christina’s best performance.

Usher – An acoustic performance is always more impressive.  He thinks this performance will both make Drake proud and earn her a place in the finals.

Blake – She went from a singer to an artist.  Unbelievable.

Adam – He’s so proud.  Christina gave him the goosebumps!

My two cents – Beautiful song, beautiful girl.  Just very, very endearing.  

Team Blake – Jake Worthington “Run”

Top 10 Live Show 

Usher – I’m not sure what this was all about but Usher talked about how hard it is to get up on stage after reading critiques online about previous performances.  Are people being mean to Jake?  That’s like kicking a puppy, for crying out loud!  You just don’t do it!

Shakira – She thinks he’s becoming a contender.  (Becoming?  What was he before now?  A side show? America voted him through.  He’s just as legitimate a contestant as anyone else who gets up on that stage.  Poor word choice from Shakira?  I hope so.)

Adam – He’s pretty sure that Jake is “what’s country”, telling a story.

Blake – He thinks George Strait would be proud.  Jake is a “real dude” who represents everyone, there’s nothing fake about him.

My two cents – Classic country.  Awesome dude.  I think he’ll be safe from the eliminations.  P.S. I love this picture of Jake!!!

Team Usher – Bria Kelly  “I’m With You”

Top 10 Live Show

Usher and his musical director, Natural, cautioned Bria during rehearsals about being too much like a Ferrari.  Too much go, not enough pull back.  (I’m thinking his Mama didn’t actually name him Natural, right?)

Adam – He didn’t feel the connection between Bria and the song even though he normally thinks she’s fantastic.

Shakira – Poor coach.  She really seemed like she was searching for a nice way to say “I hated that”.

Blake – He found the performance very different from what she’s done before.

Usher – No “box” and no “genre” for Bria.  He thinks she grew for that performance.

My two cents – I think Bria sounds good, for the most part.  I just wish she could have lost some of the vibrato.  I’d rather have heard her hold some of those notes for a while.  And she’s crying!  Noooooooo!  I hate seeing that!!

Team Adam– Delvin Choice  “Bright Lights”

Top 10 Live Show 

Blake – Power and passion and greatness.

Shakira – No talking??

Usher – Outside of what he normally does, but he brought the gospel to it.

Adam – Electric ending!

My two cents – This was the first performance of Delvin’s that I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed.It was exciting and different and it didn’t matter that I didn’t know the original song because Delvin was just amazing.  He owned the stage.  He owned the audience.Outstanding.

Team Shakira – Kristen Merlin  “Let Her Go”

Top 10 Live Show

This is such a great song and I’m very interested in seeing where Kristen goes with it.  Shakira is promising to personally check Kristen’s microphone so we don’t have another audio malfunction.

Adam – Really good, as always.

Usher – Time is running out.  No talking for Usher.

Blake – This was his favorite performance.  He’s glad to see her looking and sounding comfortable on the stage.

Shakira – She loves how Kristen has grown so much.

My two cents – I loved this performance.  So simple, so lovely.  Awesome!  


Team Blake – Sisaundra Lewis “Oh Sherrie”

Top 10 Live Show

Adam – Sisaundra blew the roof off the place.

Shakira – Again, no talking.

Usher – Incredible performance.  The risk was worth it.

Blake – “She sang the crap out of that song!”

My two cents – Do I really have to go into detail?  Hmmm.  My Mama told me if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all.  So I’m just going to move along.

Final Thoughts

The show started out with an English band making their American TV debut.  But I spent the whole performance thinking about what other song it really was.  Anyone who can tell me what song I’m thinking of gets 10 Athena points.  Help a goddess out, please!

Supposedly Blake tweeted out Adam’s real cell phone number.  Did anyone try to call it?  Did you get an answer?  Back to the top 10….  Who were your faves?  What did you think of the performances?  Who bombed?  Okay, that’s it for me for today.  See you after the eliminations!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!



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