VIDEO: Cynthia Bailey is Now Team Kenya Moore…Access Hollywood Interview

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Yesterday, Cynthia Bailey appeared on Access Hollywood Live to dish on the RHOA Reunion and her friendship with Kenya Moore.

Cynthia starts off by discussing the nip slip seen all over the world then recalls the events of the reunion ruckus…she said it happened fast, hair pulling, falling on the floor and dragging, nothing new to report. When Nene was on Access Hollywood, she said punches were thrown, Cynthia could not corroborate Nene’s version.

Billy Bush asks, Cynthia what team is she on (Porsha or Kenya)?

Cynthia declines to pick a team and explains both ladies share responsibility in the incident. When it comes to props, she feels, there needs to be ground rules implemented. She says reunions are meant to be provocative and mentally stressful. Tough questions will be asked, so it’s expected to be embarrassed and uncomfortable but you have to be ready (mentally). The former super model shares, “it’s your choice to cut back with your words or get up and fight.” Each housewife is responsible for their own reactions.

Kit Hoover says, it seems Cynthia was backing Kenya?

Cynthia says, her and Kenya’s friendship grew closer towards the end of filming especially with the passing of Kenya’s dog. She went on to explain that Kenya does stir the pot but in certain situations, she’s not wrong. According to Cynthia, the other housewives blame Kenya for everything and she [Kenya] can’t be wrong for everything. Adding the other ladies never back her [Kenya] up.

Billy Bush asksPorsha thinks everyone plays themselves [on the show] except for Kenya. And that Kenya plays a character to stir the pot:

Cynthia does not agree and uses Phaedra’s “Southern Belle” persona as an example. Noting that each woman portrays an image (on the show) that they want the public to see. And that she doesn’t know if Phaedra is at home making strawberry jam and doing Southern Belle things. In other words, all the housewives put on a front for the cameras!

The interview is short but very revealing. I was told yesterday that none of the RHOA ladies have signed contracts yet. Who’s returning is still up in the air but of course the staples like Nene, Kenya, Phaedra and Kandi will return. The variables are Cynthia and Porsha (yes, there’s a possibility). It’s obvious, Cynthia is trying to align herself with Kenya since her falling out with Nene. That’s the smartest thing to do since the other housewives have issues with Kenya and may object to filming with her. Cynthia’s role for season seven is undecided, so she needs to do all she can to entice Bravo execs.



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