RHOA: NeNe Leakes Demanded Marlo Hampton Be Banned From The RHOA Reunion!

Posted on Apr 28 2014 - 2:08pm by Nancy

Marlo Hampton

Rumors have been circulating before the reunion aired that immediately following the Bailey Bowl Brawl, NeNe Leakes approached Bravo execs and demanded Marlo Hampton not be filmed again. This happened before the wives and their husbands went on the group trip to Mexico. Initially, Kenya Moore invited Marlo to Mexico with the group but had to rescind the offer under pressure from Bravo, who finances the trips.

Allegedly, Bravo was planning on having Marlo “Check my Charges” Hampton attend the season 6 reunion to do a swoop down on Nene Leakes. However, that notion got canned when Nene got wind of their plans and demanded they not invite Marlo or else! Yes chile…Nene Leakes is giving executives ultimatum! 

Marlo and Nene used to be close friends. Nene even had Marlo stand in her wedding. Their friendship fell apart (like most of Nene’s friendships do) after Nene found out Marlo was filming scenes for the RHOA season 6 and did not notify her. I completely understand why Marlo did not tell the RHOA HBIC anything. Knowing how jealous Nene is, she likely would have discouraged the network from working with Marlo (behind her back).

That was violation one of their friend contract, violation two came when Marlo and Kenya Moore became BFF’s. Nene hates Kenya and requires complete loyalty from her followers friends. Hmmm….where have I heard that before? What’s in the Bravo water?

Kenya Moore & Marlo Hampton

Violation three of the friendship contract, section #MooseWithNoEdges, occurred at Cynthia’s Bailey Bowl event where Marlo dragged (figuratively) Nene across the field. Marlo was trying to have a calm discussion with Nene to patch things up and Nene rudely brushed Marlo off. She even cursed at her and threw a bottle of water in her direction. That’s when all hell broke loose and Marlo read Nene for filth. Marlo chased her around the field to let her know exactly what she thought of her. Marlo barked at Nene for all to hear that she stole her fashion sense, she wears  a Donald Trump toupee, called her drag queen impersonator and insecure…just to name a few. Nene ran like a coward with no rebuttal.

Bravo knew if they went ahead and invited Marlo, Nene would clam up and give them nothing for the reunion….it takes two ‘Tango.’




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  • ZammyB

    YASSS!! Smart of Nene! Who the heck wants to watch Manlow anyways?! She’s got nothing to do….trying to attack Nene (which Bravo wasn’t against) isn’t much of a storyline.

    WHY she’s even on the show is beyond me. Oh right, Kenya needs the other ladies extras bc she has no real friends of her own.

    • Hey Zammy!! Happy Monday! 🙂

  • Mustang

    So over Lanethia. She needs to go back to being a ghetto flip, find a pole and step aside.

    • Hello & Thank you! I use to be a fan and saw her true colors last season and was done with her. She’s too pompous and arrogant for me.

      • Mustang

        Exactly right.

  • Marsbars09

    Nene was afraid of tangling with Marlo. She knows what Marlo is capable of. If Nene & Marlo would have fought it would have been 10x worse as Porsha & Kray’s fight.

  • SAMRA1116

    What is it Marlo had to say—-she don’t need to be there. Jmo
    Um that is one fight, I don’t want to see. Somebody would be in the hospital, it’s not funny.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Nene needs to just give it up….she cannot bark, stomp and demand everyone to shaddup and play pin the tail on the Moose.
    She bullies, yeah I said the word, Bravo but they may call her hoof bluff soon…
    I just do not see too many more do this or else….in her future…

    • Marsbars09

      Hi Ronnie! Did you notice at the end of last night’s reunion Nene cursed Andy? Nene better watch out if she knows what’s good for her.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    Neigh Neigh must have some power left! She said “no Marlo” and pfft no Marlo!!!

    • ZammyB

      Agreed! I’m sure that Nene said I’d make it as boring as the RHONY last season…or as bad as its been this season! 🙂

    • Ain’t that the truth! But I still can’t stand the bish.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi NAWS! I don’t understand why Bravo is giving her all that power. She doesn’t even want to be on the show anymore.

  • italiano bambino

    Who the fuck is nene to demand ANYTHING. I blame the executives for supporting her bs demands. She’s a employee like the rest of the wives. PERIOD! !!

    • ZammyB

      She’s the HBIC. N honestly would we have watched so long if Nene didn’t act like Nene? I mean I know we loved us some Cigawigs…BUT cigawigs wasn’t that needed for ratings. If Nene left the ratings would def go down.
      N I know she loves to throw shade n all but she’s the star…much to our surprise as are Tre and Lisa.

      • italiano bambino

        She’s been MIA for two season thinking she was Hollywood but once Ryan didn’t called her back decided that Atlanta was there. She’s never been the queen that’s just in her head that along with teresa n Lisa.

      • Defend your girl Zam……

      • Marsbars09

        You’re correct Zammy, but Nene has become bitter, mean, and spiteful. She is no longer entertaining and doesn’t want to be on the show.

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love how this comments starts out.

      Explosive BOOM!!!!!!!!

      • italiano bambino

        Im just pointing the obvious Seuss. She thinks she runs the show. She’s a employee Only. Getting checks from payroll not giving checks…. getting them.

        • DOUBLE BOOM! Pastor Bambino is preaching today. #AMEN

          • italiano bambino

            Lol 🙂

  • SpringBreeze14

    If true, Bravo is committing suicide with this show. It’s already on its way out…I can just feel it…we’ll be hearing all the tea by this summer…I truly hope Kenya walks away from this show…it’s finished and no one left will want to film with her. This show has become a disgusting embarrassment and I was so hoping Marlo would have been full time…Bravo is going to wake up one day and realize that Nene is a liability.

    • If Bravo knows what’s best for ratings and the survival of the show they better bring Marlo back. I can’t imagine a season 7 without my girl.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi SB! Marlo and Kenya are just as much a liability as Nene. Could you have imagined if Marlo was at the reunion?! That would be like placing a live grenade on a wild fire! And Kenya, no one is going to want to film with her next season because she’s going to amp up the drama and provocation.
      Most importantly, I hope Cynthia does not return to the show. She needs to cut ties because the show has become too toxic and Nene will make her life hell.

  • italiano bambino

    Google my charges bahaha

    • you on a roll tonight!

      • italiano bambino

        The moose had it coming with all almighty bs attitude glad Kenya check her good

  • hardtimz

    I don’t really care if nene is the star or not the star, what would be the purpose to have marlo at the reunion? She was on RHOA for a few episodes to kinda fight with nene that was never shown/creating a story line. The other episode was marlo and kenya sitting and talking about whom…NENE! marlo is not needed for this show, adding her would only push RHOA further into a ditch. All of these HW’s have run their course with me, I don’t watch hook-line-sinker like I use to….seen one you’ve seem them all.

    • Hey Hardtimz!!! How are you this evening?

      • hardtimz

        Hi Doc! I’m good, how’s your evening going? Did you watch the RHOA reunion? Once again, Bravo is dragging their reunions out with two and three episodes which could be cleared up in one episode. Any word yet if Porsha will be booted?

  • Bryan

    “what I says goes!!!”

    • WestCoastFeed

      Except on DWTS,

      Bye, Felicia

      • Bryan

        Did she finally get the heave ho?!

    • hardtimz

      OOOO that is the mother of all pictures that you’ve uploaded….looks exactly like nene…yikes!! Wait, except for the hair line in the photo looks much better!

  • Dani-K

    I agree with Wendy Williams who said the whole cast should be revamped.