RHOA: NeNe Leakes Demanded Marlo Hampton Be Banned From The RHOA Reunion!

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Marlo Hampton

Rumors have been circulating before the reunion aired that immediately following the Bailey Bowl Brawl, NeNe Leakes approached Bravo execs and demanded Marlo Hampton not be filmed again. This happened before the wives and their husbands went on the group trip to Mexico. Initially, Kenya Moore invited Marlo to Mexico with the group but had to rescind the offer under pressure from Bravo, who finances the trips.

Allegedly, Bravo was planning on having Marlo “Check my Charges” Hampton attend the season 6 reunion to do a swoop down on Nene Leakes. However, that notion got canned when Nene got wind of their plans and demanded they not invite Marlo or else! Yes chile…Nene Leakes is giving executives ultimatum! 

Marlo and Nene used to be close friends. Nene even had Marlo stand in her wedding. Their friendship fell apart (like most of Nene’s friendships do) after Nene found out Marlo was filming scenes for the RHOA season 6 and did not notify her. I completely understand why Marlo did not tell the RHOA HBIC anything. Knowing how jealous Nene is, she likely would have discouraged the network from working with Marlo (behind her back).

That was violation one of their friend contract, violation two came when Marlo and Kenya Moore became BFF’s. Nene hates Kenya and requires complete loyalty from her followers friends. Hmmm….where have I heard that before? What’s in the Bravo water?

Kenya Moore & Marlo Hampton

Violation three of the friendship contract, section #MooseWithNoEdges, occurred at Cynthia’s Bailey Bowl event where Marlo dragged (figuratively) Nene across the field. Marlo was trying to have a calm discussion with Nene to patch things up and Nene rudely brushed Marlo off. She even cursed at her and threw a bottle of water in her direction. That’s when all hell broke loose and Marlo read Nene for filth. Marlo chased her around the field to let her know exactly what she thought of her. Marlo barked at Nene for all to hear that she stole her fashion sense, she wears  a Donald Trump toupee, called her drag queen impersonator and insecure…just to name a few. Nene ran like a coward with no rebuttal.

Bravo knew if they went ahead and invited Marlo, Nene would clam up and give them nothing for the reunion….it takes two ‘Tango.’




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