Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Head Doctor, Ratchet Mama Joyce & Friendship Ends [Part 2]

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And they’re back!

Part deux of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion starts with everyone except Porsha, a scepter and a bullhorn! No one looks happy including Andy. The props have been returned to their toy box and Porsha has been placed in time out (permanently). And the ringleader & instigators that hyped Porsha up have been given a stern scolding.

It’s the quiet after the storm and I can’t help but feel a moment of silence for a fallen idiot soldier is in order. A fool soldier who laid her Bravo career on the line for manipulative bitches that don’t give a rat’s ass about her. Porsha’s inappropriate behavior left the “po chile” demoted with no chance of  reappointment! *waving* #ByeFelicia


Andy starts with a PR statement: The network does not condone physical violence blah blah blah. When did Bravo become so policy driven? Viewers have witnessed many violent attacks at other reunions and no one was sent home or fired. Andy, asks the ladies, what happened. Kenya explains the back and forth argument that lead up to the assault. Nene, Phaedra and Kandi chime in to advocate Porsha’s personal space was violated and she was provoked. Cynthia disagrees and states she doesn’t feel like Porsha was under attack (in a physical way) and women should never resort to violence. Cynthia is not only beautiful but intelligent. Phaedra is a lawyer and co-signing violence? No wonder she can’t win a case to save her life!

Kenya said it best “Violence against women on any level is wrong!” Exactly, that’s the bottom line, period. Kenya spills the tea on how the “gang up” phone calls go down prior to the reunions. She reminded Nene she called her last year prior to the reunion to discuss going after Phaedra! We got an education on these planned “take downs” from last week’s reunion recap. Read part one of the reunion recap here.


Moving on…..

A montage of Nene and Phaedra’s faux “friendship” is shown which includes scenes of Chuck “cocktail sausages” Smith. Remember Chuck (Mynique’s husband) from earlier episodes when he visited Athens, Georgia with his home town gals pals Phaedra and NeneChuck “cocktail sausages” Smith dated both Kandi and Phaedra. The clip also shows Nene referring to Phaedra as the “head doctor” and “dick surgeon.”

Both Kandi and Phaedra defend themselves against Chuck’s disparaging remarks about them. “I don’t understand why he was trying to malign Kandi and I,” Phaedra said. NeNe apologizes for spreading the “head doctor” rumor about PhaedraPhaedra immediately starts lying by saying the “head doctor” comment was never a rumor and no one knows her by “head doctor.” Ms. Moore quickly reminds Phaedra she was referred to as the “head doctor” in recent legal documents. She’s referring to Angela Stanton’s ex-boyfriend, Leonard Holland’s deposition. In his statement, he’s quoted as saying “she [Phaedra] is known as a head doctor. She is very good at giving head.” Read our report here. Ooops Phaedra! Phaedra throws out her favorite insult about Kenya can’t get a husband. I wouldn’t brag too much Phaedra, “your clean man” is NO prize!



Mama Joyce joins the housewives on the couch and she was in a rare form. According to Twitter, Ms. Joyce was swigging on the “brown liquor” in her dressing room. She’s already extra but was way over the top last night. Clips of her ratchet behavior this season are shown. Andy tells her she looks great and commends her for losing 40 pounds which she attributes to stress. Joyce comments about Kandi and Todd’s relationship. She still doesn’t like Todd because he’s a “hundrednaire” and she raised a “millionaire.” Mama Joyce is obsessed with money, Kandi’s money in particular and not ashamed to say it. Joyce feels a sense of financial entitlement owed to her for raising Kandi. Whenever she’s questioned about taking advantage, she throws out a list of sacrifices she’s made for her daughter. That’s a manipulative and dirty tactic! She brags about the life of luxury she’s living,  all on Kandi’s dime. When Andy asked Joyce, does she work, her response was:

“No, I don’t have to. Now let me get you straight…mama still got bonds, mama got a house that’s completely paid off and security and money in the bank…thank you very much! And mama got every kind of diamond that you can to think of …AMEN!” 


Then Kandi steps in and sets the record straight about her mother’s financial situation and their past problems. Kandi explains how Mama Joyce had credit cards in her name which Kandi had no knowledge of. And Mama Joyce spent (Kandi’s) money excessively on gambling and the Home Shopping Network! Kandi and Todd’s wedding is scheduled in one week (at the time of the reunion), hopefully Kandi can keep her ratched mama sober enough not to embarrass her on her special day.

Next in the hot seat are Cynthia and NeNe’s friendship. The ex-BFF’s had a falling out after NeNe called Cynthia’s husband, Peter Thomas a “b*tch” during the Mexico trip. That was the beginning of the end for their friendship. The couples made up months ago but old wounds were reopened after the show aired. Since the show aired the women have not spoken. Only taking to Twitter and their blogs to hurl insults, primarily Nene.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.14.09 PM

Cynthia is visibly shaken and hurt as she says  “I see so many of her friends come and go and I feel like at the end of the day, there’s a sisterhood there.” Poor Cynthia, she thought her friendship with Nene was genuine. “There’s a love there but I never felt a respect is there,” Cynthia said as she wiped her tears. It must have been difficult for Cynthia to come to terms with realizing their friendship was a one-way street. Cynthia was no more than NeNe’s lapdog. Cynthia is torn up in emotions while Nene rolls her eyes, pouts her lips and shows zero emotion over her “friends” pain. Nene’s behavior illustrates she’s a heartless b*tch at the core of her being. And clearly a friend to no one but herself!

Cynthia tells Nene:

“I’m not sure if she’s even aware she can be shady. Not friendly, not inviting. I read her blog going in on me. If you say anything slightly demeaning, she feels attacked.”


The other ladies add their two cents and the sentiment across the board is Nene does not consider Cynthia’s feelings.

NeNe has walls up and is using every defense mechanism to excuse her role in the destruction of the friendship. She tells Cynthia she’s been a good friend and doesn’t know where all of this is coming from. Really Nene….girl bye!


The episode ends with Cynthia expressing their friendship has come to the end of the road. THANK GOD, Cynthia has finally seen the light!

Stay tuned for part three of the reunion airing next Sunday. The men will join their wives on set. Apollo talks about his legal drama and Peter pulls out his own peach.



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