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Married To Medicine Recap: ‘A Week of Impact’ [Episode 4]

Married to Medicine

We jump into the world of medicine with the ladies of Married To Medicine. The episode begins with Quad and Lisa Nicole shopping for Quad’s babies (her dogs). Of course, Quad’s babies must “do it for the gods” when they stroll the streets of Atlanta! As Lisa Nicole looks at puppy clothes, Quad describes her vision for a puppy couture line. “I mean going big, and when you go big, go bigger! I’m talking about python, ostrich feathers!” Quad tells Lisa Nicole. Lisa Nicole gives her sound business advice so that Quad can make sensible decisions. Quickly, Lisa Nicole asks Quad about her friendship with Mariah and a tearful Quad feels she can’t get past her feelings of hurt. Personally I feel this is nothing that, two drinks, a relaxing setting, and conversation couldn’t remedy between friends.


Next, we witness the financial strain Dr. Simone and her husband, Cecil are experiencing. Dr. Simone explains, “Money is still tight. Whenever Cecil and I discuss money, we fight. This golf trip is a thorn in my ass.” Dr. Simone recently converted to a new electronic billing system at her private practice which is causing delays in receiving payments. Doctors don’t get paid immediately and Dr. Simone’s new system is causing major problems. This happens to a lot of physicians, mine included. Of course, Dr. Simone holds her head up high and states she will ride the storm out. Cecil can barely contain his excitement as he packs for an all boys annual golf trip, he’s grinning from ear to ear. However, Simone is a bit miffed he’s going on a trip when they couldn’t afford to go off on their own.

Married to Medicine


“Paging Dr. Jackie!Dr. Jackie gets in touch with her emotional side during a sensitive conversation with two members of her staff. The discussion is about Dr. Jackie’s infertility, “The selfish side of every woman, though, is to have had that experience.” Even in the face of all her accomplishments with fighting the cause against breast cancer, she still feels she has another task to tackle. Dr. Jackie’s staff members support each other in starting something big for a great cause — breast cancer awareness at the 50 Shades of Pink event. Girl power!

Married to Medicine

The women discuss the harsh realities of cancer and marriage. How men, being protective of their spouses, get angry during the cancer fighting process. Dr. Jackie shows a more frail side of her story. In a heartfelt moment, tears roll down her face as the women share a mutual sadness over the anguish husbands feel watching their wives suffer.


Mariah decides to spend more quality time with her family and put the drama (the ladies) in the back seat. The lovely Mrs. Huq embarks on a family fun day with her adorable family. Riding the ferris wheel, her daughter, Lauren tells her exactly how she sees it. Turn’s out Lauren, knows a lot more about her mama than she thought! Lauren turns to her mama and says, “Well, your life is just like chess.” I was a little taken aback at first then thought about all the times my child called it as she sees it. Mariah, takes it in stride, “Miss Lauren is always on the mark, honey, and I may not want to hear what she says, but I always listen to what she says.” she says with her sense of flair.


Married to Medicine


Dr. Heavenly finished early at work so she is checking out and heading home! At home it’s time to help her daughter, Alaura get the “perfect” vision for her future. Alaura may be 8 years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t start making her professional goals! Mother and daughter work on a vision board and Heavenly tells her little princess “You look at it everyday and then you reach your goal!” I sense a tinge of mommy dearest syndrome going on here!?!

It’s party time! A slumber party is in full code blue alert at Dr. Simone’s house. Quad arrives wearing sexy lingerie. She is shocked that no one else arrived to the door in lingerie! Quad’s definition of PJ’s is something sexy — she’s got to get her Beyonce on. Quad, Simone, and Lisa Nicole get down to the girl party nitty gritty. Immediately Quad feels at ease, stating she wanted a fun night without Mariah, and it’s a drama free zone. Dr. Simone, unlike the other ladies changes into a t-shirt and boxers.

Married to Medicine

Whomp whomp whomp whomp! Quad doesn’t love Simone’s look: “She had some shorts all the way up to here. A t-shirt tied up in a not over here. And you know Simone don’t really have any ass at all. . .I think the shoes had some form of fur… it was a kitten heel with some fur on the front of it,” Quad said in her talking head. Simone’s house cleaning clothes PJ’s lead the ladies to speculate that Dr. S isn’t active in the bedroom. Ouch! Dr. Simone is candid and tells the women that sex is not a priority. Quad says “There’s a funeral in their bedroom every night.” Double Ouch!! 

Married to Medicine


Next, we go to Lisa Nicole’s house and a serious conversation begins between Lisa Nicole and her husband, Darren. Lisa Nicole shares that the doctor called her back and there is a mass in her breast. She says her mass is a cyst, and the risk of cancer is possible with her mother detecting her early breast cancer. Then we watch a spousal reality and Lisa Nicole wants to postpone a procedure on her breasts. Her husband strongly feels the procedure needs to be done ASAP! Even though she is busy, Darren wants his wife to head to that checkup urgently, no holding back because of the WEN conference. He’s counting her as much as those women are. Dr. Darren is an emergency room physician.

Married to Medicine

Dr. Jackie
 is anticipating some tears coming up when Lisa Nicole pulls her aside. Lisa broke the news that a mass was found in her last mammogram and asks Jackie for some support. Dr. Jackie is always a great person to lean on. “God puts people in your life for a reason — and he knows exactly the type of people,” Lisa Nicole says of Dr. Jackie. Here’s hoping Lisa Nicole’s results come back fine and that she doesn’t need too much of Dr. Jackie’s support. 

Stay tuned for next weeks episode of Married To Medicine where the heat turns up in this medical community.



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