Nene Leakes On The Arsenio Hall Show: I Covered Porsha’s Mouth So She Wouldn’t Incriminate Herself

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On Wednesday night, Arsenio Hall welcomed Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes on the couch for a one-on-one. Nene discussed several topics including the vicious attack that took place on part one of the reunion.

After NeNe took a couple of digs at her co-stars and did a little grandstanding, she opened up about the scepter, the bullhorn, and the hair-pulling. Nene justified Porsha Williams behavior by blaming it on her being provoked by Kenya Moore. Children are compelled to hitting when provoked, I expect that from a child, not an adult.


Nene told Arsenio:

If I felt Kenya was right (even though I’m not a Kenya fan and I’ve been very honest about that) I would side with her. What do you want? If you’re going to provoke… if you’re going to taunt someone… what do you want?
“I recall Porsha asking them ‘can you stop her from pointing’ the thing… and nobody did anything. I think they thought it was going to be funny… I don’t know. But… She had been warned. It’s just not right. You can’t invade someone’s personal space.”

Commenting on Porsha’s mental state at the time of the attack:

“You can’t sit here and interview me and stick your card in my face the entire time. And then again… Porsha is fragile. She’s definitely been through a lot.”

In response to why she placed her hands over Porsha’s entire face mouth, preventing her from spilling the tea, she explained:

“Porsha scared me for a minute, she act like she had blacked out for a minute and I wanted her to be quiet because she was saying so much and I didn’t want her to say something that would incriminate her”


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VIDEO: Have a look at a snippet of the interview:




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