Saturday Funnies: No Forehead & Prison Tan

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All of Youse Can Have This Beautiful Look Too!


Iza have to look good for all my social apparencies, so I tan and I sprays.

Are youse bored with your look? Do youse want to look as good as me?



I just luv, luv, luv the orange glow I get. It will match my custom orange jumpsuit when I “go away” *wink*



Fuhgeddaboudd it rubbing off on your sheets, chairs and everywhere.

Youse will luv, luv, luv howz youse look.

Looking  GOOD and RICH is way more important!


I use those oranganic, UB frees sprays options.

Come see me, tan with me

Prison Tan

u can still tan-2



Don’t fuh get to getz ones of my cookbooks Fartalinni at your your local Dollar Tree!

*Cash only*

*Feds watching*

*Desperate times call for desperate measures*


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously*



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