The Voice – Top 12 – Results

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Yes yes, it’s that time again.  Time to say goodbye to two of our very talented artists.  It’s sad but we all know that there can only be one named The Voice.  This isn’t The Hunger Games where we make up the rules as we go just so we don’t lose anyone.  But I admit, it bums me out.  I hate losing really good singers.  Because sometimes, admit it, America gets it wrong.  They do!  But hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Follow me!  Follow me!

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Did you know that The Voice is seriously dialed in with social media?  How could you not?!  Everything is hash-tagged.  Every contestant has their Twitter name up on the screen during their performance.  The Instant Save is based on how many tweets (and re-tweets) you can send out for your favorite of the bottom three.  Now you can even tailgate on Twitter with Carson and everyone thirty minutes before the live shows start.  Seriously?!  And Carson only says tweet about fifty million times in the course of the show.  I think I’ll count next time. Or, maybe I just need a crash course on better Twitter use to join in on the fun.  What do you think?  Is it too much or do I just need to get with the program?

Coach Performances

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Blake and Adam both performed with their teams last night.  Adam was better.  Only because I didn’t really listen to Blake’s team except for the end when, once again, Sisaundra over sang everything and had to be the last voice anyone heard.  Yeah, she just irks me.  I think I’ll jump up and down when she goes home.

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Okay, I admit that I don’t listen to Shakira’s music unless it comes on the radio.  But I really love the song she sang on the elimination show.  Wow!  And that woman truly knows how to perform.  Give it up for the tiny people!  Seriously, I really enjoyed watching that performance.  More please!


So, interspersed between all of these amazing performance, we got the “America saved….”.  And one by one we got to see who America voted for.  And I have to admit that I loved Kristen’s little jump for joy when her name was called as safe.  It was a little out of the character I’ve come to expect from her.  She comes across as mellow and strong and yet, she was all giddy going through to next week’s show.  

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I don’t think there were any real surprises on the bottom three: TJ, Dani, and Tess.  Although since I really like Tess, I had my fingers crossed that she’d get the Instant Save.  

TJ did a really nice performance of “I’ll Be” which I almost wish he had done for the Live show.  Tess did Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” which I really enjoyed.  But then again, I haven’t disliked one of her performances I don’t think.  Dani sang Adele’s “Turning Tables”.  Again, I liked it and I think I liked it better than her Top 12 performance.

When the results came in from Twitter, Tess got the Instant Save and she became the last member of the Top 10.  Congrats to Tess and the rest of The Voice Top 10!!  

So that’s it for me this week.  What do you think of Dani and TJ going home?  Who did you want to leave? Did America make the right call on the Instant Save?  Obviously I think so.  See you next week for the Top 10 Live Show!




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