Heart of Gold: Frannie Laurita Helps Rescue 21 Pit Bulls!

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Caroline Manzo‘s sister, Frannie Laurita has a heart of gold! We were introduced to Frannie during season 5 of the RHONJ when she lived with Caroline. It was apparent from the start that the quirky fun loving woman loved animals. In fact, Frannie is a  huge advocate of adoption and rescue animals.

Just recently, Frannie helped rescue 21 pit bulls after police broke up one of the largest dogfighting rings in Paterson, New Jersey’s history. A drug raid at a Paterson, N.J. home unexpectedly uncovered evidence of a large pit bull dog-fighting ring that apparently was being run out of the residence. The dogs were living in the basement, jammed into crates. 

Frannie volunteers at the local animal shelter that’s also treating the rescued animals.

Frannie, spoke with a local news station about the incident and how she’s helping the dogs get a second chance. 


There’s a happy ending to this sad tale, Frannie says “not only are [the dogs] salvageable, but they’re extra special dogs. These are dogs that have seen the worst, unspeakable cruelty, and are immediately giving us love and trust.”

“They’re just dogs,” she adds. “They deserve the same love and same respect as any other dog, the same chance.”

Famewhore Dina Manzo was quick to jump on the good publicity and immediately tweeted Frannie the following:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.47.13 AM

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