Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Forced To Do Ghetto Nightclub Appearance To Keep The Lights On!

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Teresa Giudice, convicted felon and “star” of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has hit rock bottom!

Since her July 2013 federal indictment and felony conviction in March 2014, Teresa’s “brand equity” has diminished like the equity in her N.J. mansion. As previously reported, offers for appearances, book sales, product sales and Fabellini orders are at an all time low.

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Reportedly, the Bankrupt Diva has been struggling financially but it appears she has reached the point of desperation! And desperate times call for desperate measures.

On April 23, the Bankrupt Diva tweeted her new Fabellini Bottle Signing event with a caption that reads: “Come see Juicy Joe & I this Sat April 26th Maracas will be serving @FabelliniWine#FABELLINI & taking photos.”


By all accounts, reputable companies are not booking Teresa anymore, therefore, she’s left to peddle her swill at nightclubs in the hood high crime neighborhoods.

Now here’s the tea…..

Maracas Night Club is the venue of Teresa’s Bottle Signing event being held on Saturday night. The night club is located in an area notorious for gang violence, drugs, fights, stabbings and shootouts. This must be the “sexy” and “sophisticated” Teresa describes in her new Fabellini commercial? Known to locals as a hotbed of debauchery and scandal. The dance hall caters to a Caribbean clientele who have an affinity for hard liquor….90% Proof Rum, Vodka and Cognac definitely not cheap peach & raspberry sparkling wine. Due to the clubs sketchy image throughout the years, it has changed it’s name three times. Initially, it was called, “Calypso City,” then “Rum Jungle” and now “Maracas.” This haunt opens it’s doors at 10:00 p.m., patrons are subjected to security pat downs before entering along with bag searches and body scans with a hand-held metal detector. Allegedly, the night club has ties to South American drug cartels. And you’ve seen “Scarface,” those people only pay in CASH….NO RECEIPTS (hmmm….?!?)!

Thanks to the nifty detective work of AATT poster, West Coast Feed, she uncovered Teresa’s appearance has been scheduled since February. Which leads to the logical conclusion that this was not a last minute booking. This event was scheduled far in advance for Teresa’s team to have full knowledge that the club’s reputation, demographic, clientele and neighborhood was not Fabellini’s target market. Fabellini sales are down everywhere, what is the likelihood she’ll sell much to this crowd? 

The reviews on Yelp say it all:

 “Violent bouncers: Upon entering, I witnessed one bouncer grab a girl by the throat, pushed others out of his way and threw her out of the club. I can 100% say that I saw this argument in its entirety and she did not deserve to be handled in that way.”

 “I made the mistake of coming here this wkd to show my cousin around the neighborhood. I witnessed at least 4 fights breakout within one hour. I don’t know if it’s the drinks or just the bad energy that the club brings out but it was not fun at all.”

“Security is SUPER tight. They searched all bags and used a metal detector wand! Obviously they have issues with fights here. In fact, there was a fight while I was the ladies room. They handled it well because I wouldn’t have known if people didn’t tell me.”

“Worst bouncers ever. No respect for you and their treatment of you.”

According to an inside source at the 102 precinct, the police station responds to at least 6-8 911 calls (from the club) on Friday and Saturday nights.

In November, Sergeant Mohammed Deen, an off-duty police officer was nearly beaten to death outside of Maracas Night Club. The veteran police officer with 18 years of service under his belt, accidentally bumped into his attacker inside of Maracas, which triggered the deadly beating that left the officer in a coma. His attacker, Hayden Holder was charged with attempted murder and felony assault. The assault was caught on video:


Now for the good news! In the event something unfortunate was to “go down,” Jamaica Hospital is located right up the street. A New York State designated Level 1 Trauma Center that was upgraded in recent years to Level 1 status to meet the growing demands of the (high crime) community. It’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week and always ready for the most critical patients. (Thank you AATT reader TigerLily).

What do you think of Teresa’s new gig? Will Juicy Joe sell Teresa’s books out of the trunk of his car while his wife peddles her wines inside? Sound off in the comment section.


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