The Blacklist Recap: ‘The Pavlovich Brothers’ [Episode 19]

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The Blacklist

Tonight’s episode promises to give us fans the moment we have all been waiting for.  And it does.  But first, we must witness an elaborate escape from a Chinese labor camp involving adrenaline shots and an ambulance get-away scene.  Ms. Lee, the escaping scientist, comes to America only to be abducted by an extraction team known as the Pavlovich brothers.

Tom is at home playing “go fish” with Lizzie asking questions about the Jolene investigation.  She plays along.  Gosh, it must be killing her not to kill him.  He gently kisses her hand as a display of affection.  You can almost see the hair in her nostrils catch fire and singe as she plants a bug on his clothing.   Your days are numbered Tom!

While at work, Red calls Liz with a progress report on Tom.  Oh yeah, he and Dembe are babysitting his tail.  He’s playing hooky from school and lollygagging on a park bench.  Liz pretends Red has called her with info on Ms. Lee and bounces.  Seething, she joins Red in his car and glares at Tom with visions of shedding his dead weight.   Tom soon gets up and mozy on over to the National Archive building.  Liz practically flies out of the car after him with Red pleading, to no avail, for her to stop.

She goes inside and sees Tom standing next to a man.  Sensing he is being watched, Tom looks up, Lizzie ducks her head back but you can tell she was too late.  Tom cuts his meeting short.  He knows she knows.  Darn right she knows!

As for Ms. Lee, the Pavlovich brothers have taken her to what appears to be a city sewer where they throw her down on what is probably a Hepatitis-C mattress and injects who-knows-what into her veins.  Chick has got to be sick of folk poking needles in her arms by now.

Liz comes home.  Tom is there.  The fake role playing is wearing them down.  Anyway, he leaves under the pretense of taking the dog out for a walk.  Moments later, however, the dog returns.  Tom does not.  He is out making one of his “account balances” phone calls and tells the bosses she knows and he needs to evacuate.  Meanwhile, Red tracks down the man Tom met with at the National Archives.  The man is a sort of go-between and deals in “drop boxing.”  Anyway, in spy world the term “drop box” usually means or leads to a meeting place or point of contact.  In this case, where is Tom?

Back at the grungy sewer, the brothers are packing Ms. Lee into a crate like she was a shipment of tuna, but before they can haul her off market (black market), Red waltzes into the dingy abode all smug and confident.  How does he do that?   And why do you suppose he’s there?  Well, the little devil is there with a proposition.  He uses the Pavlovich brothers to smoke Tom out of the rats nest, excuse me, the building he is hiding in.

Liz goes to the house and finds the brothers in her home, making themselves at home.  They are drinking her wine, eating her fruits and have their feet up on the table all willy-nilly like.  Then one of them announces in a thick but clear accent, “A gift from Reddington” and they casually stroll out the door.

Lo and behold, the give is Tom seated in a chair.  While not gift-wrapped and topped off with a bright red bow, he does have duct tape over his mouth.  Of course what follows next is a commercial break which seemed to have had an hour special of its own.

Liz is demanding answers.  Tom is reminiscing to the time when he knew he had her.  This was a perfect time to pimp slap him hard enough to leave a hand print.  Liz stops her interrogation to talk to Red on the phone briefly and after she’s done, Tom wants to know if “daddy” (Red) is coming over to make him talk.  Liz tells him no.  She is going to make him talk and proceeds to retrieve a wrench from a kitchen drawer.  He smirks and taunts that she doesn’t have the nerve to rearrange his fingers because, you know, he thinks he’s left his manhood mark on her or something.

Oh, but she does have the nerve and grips his thumb like a stubborn root that needed to be pulled from the ground.  Ouch!  I almost felt bad for the guy.  I wonder if the neighbors heard all that girlie yelping Tom was putting down.

Over on the other side of town, the FBI comes to Ms. Lee’s rescue, but come on.  Do we really care?  Well, maybe a little, but the Keen vs. Keen smack-down is about to begin.  That is what we truly care about!  Tom breaks free thanks to Liz breaking his thumb.  Apparently, he was able to ooze the rest of his fingers out now that they had some wiggle room.

The two of them fight like two grown men!  I mean, he slings her around like pizza dough, she’s punching him like she’s Mike Tyson and furniture is flying all over the place.  It’s awesome!  Tom eventually gains the upper hand and the gun, but tells Liz, believe or not, he is one of the good guys and was assigned to protect her.  Really?  You try to beat her down to a puddle of hash?  You kill Jolene?  These are signs of a protector?  He then goes on to tell her Red is not who or what she thinks he is.  And with that, Tom says goodbye and walks out of Liz’s life…or does he?

Oh my good gawd!  Somebody give Tom an Emmy already. Heck, give him a Grammy, an MTV statue, a smiley face, blue ribbon or something!  Who in the ham sandwich is this man and what did he mean by his statement regarding our beloved mischievous Red?  Will Tom be back?  I certainly hope so with his bad self and I mean that in a good and bad way.  Surely, he is still part of the cast and has more tricks up his sleeves.  Perhaps he will now be on the infamous blacklist.

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