EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Housewife: Has Teresa Giudice’s Fans Forsaken Their Idol?

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Teresa Giudice

Lately life for the convicted housewife and “star” of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice has not been all “love love love” and  peaches and cream. 

The newly convicted felon, was indicted on 41-counts of felony fraud in 2013. Then in March, struck a plea deal with the feds to plead guilty to several counts of fraud. Shortly after that on April 8th, her Bankruptcy petition was finalized revealing the RHONJ star owes creditors a staggering $13.4 million dollars. 

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Since the news of Teresa’s indictment broke, life has not been the same for the Jerzeeey girl. The former fan favorite went from being on top of the world, “nice, funny” and adored to the least liked housewife in the entire Housewives franchise. Bravo recently hosted the “Housewives Awards” with numerous categories and Teresa did not win one award. Nada! She even loss to her nefarious hubby Joe Giudice. The irony is, the winners were chosen by fans not the network!  

Teresa prides herself on being businesswoman and a hustler, constantly peddling her wares or pimping out herself and her family to the tabloids for cash. At one point, the busy housewife had a flood of Book Signings, Appearances, Fabellini Bottle Signings and Endorsement Deals knocking down her door. Fast forward to today and her phone is not ringing as much and her inbox is not blowing up like it use to. Her endorsement deals are drying up. The impact of Teresa’s criminality has negatively affected her brand and businesses have began distancing themselves from Teresa’s tainted name. 

Last month, Teresa was scheduled to do a Fabellini Bottle Signing at a New Jersey Costco when the event was abruptly canceled by Costco’s management. This action came as a direct result of an outraged citizens group, who took a stand for justice by reporting their deep dismay and objections to having a convicted felon promoting products at Costco. Since then all mentions of future Fabellini Bottle Signings have been removed from Teresa’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. In addition, her website use to contain a direct link to her Fabellini Instgram–a page dedicated to Fabellini Bottle Signing events.

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According to the Nielsen BookScan, Teresa’s recent book release Fabulicious! On The Grill has sold only 80 copies from January 2014 to current. Which is a 97% drop from May 2013 through December 2013 when it sold 5,920 copies. 

Her other books are suffering as well, Fabulicious! Fast & Fit previously sold over 1,000 copies monthly up until January 2014. Since Jan 2014 it has only sold 125 copies resulting in an 88% reduction. Ouch!

Unfortunately for Teresa, her fans are jumping ship in droves. She no longer has the overwhelming fan support she use to have. Many of her fans were outraged by her admission of guilt on March 4th. For months leading up to her guilty plea, Teresa professed her innocence (on numerous occasions) and promised she would be vindicated. Often using her kids as a ploy to garner sympathy from her fans and the public. 

Teresa and her husband Joe even appeared on Watch What Happens Live in September 2013 and LIED. “It’s devastating,” said Teresa. “I have anxiety and sleepless nights. I used to sleep like a baby, now I get up.” She maintained their innocence throughout the interview, saying, “We’re good people. I don’t understand why this is happening to us.”

Then in a sudden turn of events on March 4th, both Teresa and Joe Giudice stood in front of federal judge, Esther Salas and ADMITTED that they defrauded the IRS, stole millions from various banks, defrauded Bankruptcy Courts, committed loan application fraud and committed perjury. 

WATCH: Video of  Teresa and Joe Giudice Plead Guilty to Fraud Charges


As a result of Teresa’s lawless scamming, her fans feel used, lied to and hoodwink! They spent their money, time and energy on a cunning fraudster who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them.  SAD!

Now that the proverbial “chickens are coming home to roost,” Teresa is petrified of losing her beloved McMansion she shares with her husband Joe and their four girls. As we reported, she has become a prisoner in her own home, held up in her bedroom in her Towaco, N.J. home. Strapped for cash, Teresa recently listed her Lincoln Park rental property for sale. If anyone is interested, it’s listed for a mere $150,000. But be forewarned, make sure you do a thorough and extensive lien search, that house is probably heavily mortgaged like everything else they own.

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Teresa and Joe’s sentencing date is set for July 8th. They are both facing time in the slammer for their crimes. Teresa faces 2 years and 10 years for Joe plus deportation. Things look bad now but will get increasingly worse once they are behind bars in orange jumpsuits. The former fan favorite went from being on top of the world to the most HATED Housewife in the entire Housewives franchise. What a shame!


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