Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Violence, Props, Nip Slips & Drag Queens [Part 1]

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Last night , Bravo aired part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. The girls did not disappoint, there was props, violence, nipple slip, George Washington made an appearance, twirling and a whole lotta of eye rolling. Lawd!!!

The reunion kicks off with the dynamic divas of the RHOA. Andy Cohen gets through the formalities and gets down to the nitty-gritty. The ladies look ravishing except a certain George Washington drag queen. Nene really needs to stick a fork in that George Washington wig…it’s dead! Andy goes around the room and intro everyone, I got a kick out of Kenya introducing her scepter and knighting Andy!

Nene had sculpture

A montage of the seasons best “twerking” moments are shown and we see Nene in bikini. Bravo, thanks but NO THANKS!

Andy, ask Nene if Cynthia’s twerk needs work and she’s coldly replies “I think we all seen the video.”  Ouch!

Then the conversation turns to fake butts. Andy asks Kenya “Bryan from Newark asks, has anyone else felt Kenya’s booty to know if her butt is real?” That whole scene and line of questioning is ridiculous on so many levels. Then Andy pits the women against each other and ask Kenya’s nemesis, Phaedra what she thinks of Kenya’s booty. And Phaedra responds, Kenya has a diaper booty. Womp womp!

Andy Cohen is smiling like a fat kid with cake. His obvious glee over petty insults and props is disgusting.

cheated on Kordell- S06E23 HDTV x264 CRiMSON mp44

Next is Kandi and Todd’s love is on display. Bravo put together lovely clips of their relationship. The topic of Kandi’s play comes up and Andy tells Nene viewers felt she was being shady by turning down Kandi’s play. Andy quotes Nene “You said you wouldn’t go from a Ryan Murphy production to a Kandi Burruss production.”  Tyler Perry loved the play and attended but Nene is too good for Kandi’s play. Nene is so full of herself and when the Bravo cameras are gone for good, not even the chitlin circuit will be calling. I’ll put money on that!

Time management is next on the agenda. A reel of all the ‘tardies to the party’ is shown.  Nene is called out for being a hypocrite for also being late. Nene gets defensive and deflects the ‘late award’ to Kandi. Then Kandi’s weight is introduced and more ridiculous banter about Kandi eating habits and Nene’s body structure is discussed. Nene snaps at Kandi about not insulting her weight. Nene is clearly on edge and over this show and these women.

Andy reads a comment from a viewer calling Phaedra out for calling Kenya an “escapee from whore” island and questioning her Christianity. Kenya and Phaedra engage in a little back and forth about Phaedra being a fake Christian.

Up next is the Kenya montage. Her eviction is covered, a clip of Nene and Porsha gossiping about Kenya’s African Prince & her new Bentley, and finally, Velvet’s passing. Kenya discuss Velvet and sorrow over his loss. Phaedra manages to get a dig in by saying, Velvet was Kenya’s only friend and she’s no one’s mama. Another dig at Kenya’s fertility struggles. Not Mrs. Southern Belle!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

As many speculated, Kenya Moore’s African Prince, a wealthy oil tycoon would be front and center at the reunion.

Andy says, I want to change gears and talk about your African Prince. We got a flood of comments, emails and tweets from viewers who don’t think he exist. Donovan Lord from Dallas said: ‘Is he like your acting career non existent?”

Nene rolls her eyes and Kandi starts giggling. 

Kenya responds with:

“Hahaha so funny, let them try to read me in person. My entire life, I’ve dated, I’ve had boyfriends 3-4 years, actually some famous people. You’ve never seen a picture with me with anybody on the red carpet, Twitter, Facebook, whatever the case. You will never find one because I’ve lived my life under the radar with my love life. I don’t have a need to prove anything to anyone. Some people here have met my guy before.”


Andy asks Kenya if she’s still dating him and when was the last time she’s seen him. Kenya replies, “Yes, 3 weeks ago and he doesn’t come to Atlanta.” Andy then conveniently turns to Porsha and says, you look like you have something on your mind. Hmmm….and here is where things feel like a set-up.

Porsha chimes in that Kenya stated everything about the guy and won’t show him because he doesn’t exist. She goes on to accuse Kenya of never meeting or talking to the African Prince and trying to pay a famous African singer [D’banj] $15,000 to appear on the show as her boyfriend.

Andy says Nene has met Kenya’s African Prince. Nene retells a story of being in LA when a man approached her as she left her hotel who said “KeyMora is across the street” in a heavy accent. Nene claims she could not understand him or pick him out in a line-up. Basically discrediting Kenya and her boyfriend. I recall Nene saying she has met Kenya’s African Prince before but now she hasn’t? Which one is it Nene?

The conversation of karma is on the table. Kenya says karma has bitten some of the ladies in the ass because of all their nasty comments about her. Kenya accuses Porsha of cheating on Kordell. Porsha says Kenya is still jealous of her and Kenya’s vagina is rotten and she’s a slut from the 90’s. Ouch!!

Then Kenya whips out her bullhorn asks Porsha to be quiet so she can finish her statement. Then Porsha violently snatches the bullhorn out of Kenya’s hand and tosses it to the floor. Things quickly spiral out of control after that.


Porsha stood up and so does Kenya and a shouting match ensues. Porsha grabs Kenya by her hair and the ladies fall to the ground. Production and Andy stepped in to part the women and the “attack” was over. Kenya quickly stands up and says “You’re gone…you’re fired!” No one comforts her and she exits the set.

PAUSE: Not only a weave yank but Cynthia had a nipple slip during the ruckus. Take a look:


Andy Cohen is caught in several photos smiling while the shenanigans are going down. Andy reminding Kenya her scepter was lonely on the floor (with an evil grin) didn’t help and seemingly encouraged the tomfoolery.

Porsha suffered an emotional meltdown and was arrested on assault charges. Kenya Moore plays chess with these women and they fall for it every time. Miss USA is Bobby Fisher and Kenya won! Porsha handed her the victory.

Watch The Real Housewives Atlanta S06E23 HDTV x264 CRiMSON mp42

Porsha is on the floor like she caught the holy ghost, hollering unrecognizable words shaking her feet. Nene and Phaedra come rushing over to shut Porsha up comfort her. In between all the unrecognizable words, Porsha screams “I’ve been through so much.” As Porsha goes through her emotional meltdown, Nene is on the floor by her side because Nene cares about Porsha *sarcastic smile.*

As we reported on April 20, Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks conspired to “take down” Kenya Moore at the RHOA reunion.

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Carlos King (Bravo Producer) swoops Porsha off her feet and whisks her off set. Nene and Phaedra follow for some more “comforting” while Kandi watches from the sideline. Carlos King rocks Porsha in his arms back and forth. Trying to bring her “back” from her emotional episode. He’s patting her on the back like big mama pats her grand babies. Once he reassures her everything will be alright, he picks her up and carries to her to her dressing room. Phaedra and Kandi get their make-up retouched and joke about Kandi’s bachelorette party and strippers. Andy Cohen meets Porsha in her dressing room and politely tells her, she should go home for the day and no more taping for her. That would conclude Porsha’s last scene on the RHOA reunion and her career with the RHOA. It’s been rumored, Porsha was fired for her violent attack on Kenya. Bravo is now strictly enforcing there no violence policy.

This wraps part one of the RHOA reunion season six.

What do you think of part one of the reunion? Are you team Kenya or team Porsha? Sound off in the comments.




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