EXCLUSIVE: Nene & Phaedra Planned “Take Down” of Kenya Moore At The Reunion (UPDATED)

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Tonight Bravo aired part one of the three part Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. The world got a chance to witness the much talked about reunion “fight” and I use the word “fight” very loosely.

Here’s the short version. Porsha Williams snatched Kenya Moore’s scepter and flung it on the floor. Kenya then pulled out a bullhorn to communicate with since Porsha kept talking over her. The ladies exchange a few heated niceties and Porsha stood up. Kenya also stood up and a shouting match ensued. Next thing you know, Porsha grabs Kenya by her hair and the ladies fall to the ground. Production and Andy stepped in to part the women and the “attack” was over. Kenya quickly stands up and says “You’re gone…you’re fired!” No one comforts her and she exits the set.

Now here’s were the reunion got REAL shadyboots.

Porsha is on the floor like she caught the holy ghost, hollering unrecognizable words shaking her feet. Nene and Phaedra come rushing over to shut Porsha up comfort her. In between all the unrecognizable words, Porsha screams “I’ve been through so much.” As Porsha goes through her emotional meltdown, Nene is on the floor by her side because Nene is so very caring. Suuuure!

Nene covers Porsha’s mouth with BOTH hands, practically suffocating her. Not allowing her to utter a word or breath for that matter. Every time Porsha opened her mouth, Nene would cover it. Nene then leans in and whispers something in Porsha’s ear not captured by their mics. The little that Porsha managed to get out was “I can’t believe I did that…I embarrassed myself” as she scampered her feet and cried uncontrollably. Nene tells Porsha “Don’t do it Porsha, listen to me…don’t do it…we’ve already had this talk.” Then we hear Phaedra telling Porsha “Porsha, look at Nene.” When did Phaedra become #TeamNene? Phaedra tells her “Porsha, it’s going be alright, you gonna apologize and it’s gonna be alright,” in her most fake compassionate Southern Belle voice. Porsha stands up and hugs Phaedra tightly and says “I’m so sorry” three times; as if she failed her assignment and let her big sisters down.

Carlos King (Bravo Producer) swoops Porsha off her feet and whisks her off set. Nene and Phaedra follow for some more “comforting” while Kandi watches from the sideline. Carlos King rocks Porsha in his arms back and forth. Trying to bring her “back” from her emotional episode. He’s patting her on the back like big mama pats her grand babies. Once he reassures her everything will be alright, he picks her up and takes her to her dressing room for her final curtain call. Phaedra and Kandi get their make-up retouched and joke about Kandi’s bachelorette party and strippers.

As we reported on April 3, supposedly, Nene Leakes conspired with Phaedra Parks to “take down” Kenya Moore at the RHOA reunion. Although both Nene and Phaedra have not been on speaking terms, they managed to put their differences aside to plot a calculated attack on Kenya Moore at the reunion, which taped on March 27. As we all saw on tonight’s show, Nene and Phaedra were both unusually cordial with each other. Allegedly, Nene and Phaedra dug up dirt from Kenya’s past to expose her with at the reunion. They both agreed not to discuss each other’s dirt and focus all their hate on Kenya. We’re also told the women put a battery in Porsha’s back to get her riled up, which ultimately led to Porsha’s brazen violent attack on Kenya.


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