EXCLUSIVE: Nene & Phaedra Planned “Take Down” of Kenya Moore At The Reunion (UPDATED)

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Tonight Bravo aired part one of the three part Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. The world got a chance to witness the much talked about reunion “fight” and I use the word “fight” very loosely.

Here’s the short version. Porsha Williams snatched Kenya Moore’s scepter and flung it on the floor. Kenya then pulled out a bullhorn to communicate with since Porsha kept talking over her. The ladies exchange a few heated niceties and Porsha stood up. Kenya also stood up and a shouting match ensued. Next thing you know, Porsha grabs Kenya by her hair and the ladies fall to the ground. Production and Andy stepped in to part the women and the “attack” was over. Kenya quickly stands up and says “You’re gone…you’re fired!” No one comforts her and she exits the set.

Now here’s were the reunion got REAL shadyboots.

Porsha is on the floor like she caught the holy ghost, hollering unrecognizable words shaking her feet. Nene and Phaedra come rushing over to shut Porsha up comfort her. In between all the unrecognizable words, Porsha screams “I’ve been through so much.” As Porsha goes through her emotional meltdown, Nene is on the floor by her side because Nene is so very caring. Suuuure!

Nene covers Porsha’s mouth with BOTH hands, practically suffocating her. Not allowing her to utter a word or breath for that matter. Every time Porsha opened her mouth, Nene would cover it. Nene then leans in and whispers something in Porsha’s ear not captured by their mics. The little that Porsha managed to get out was “I can’t believe I did that…I embarrassed myself” as she scampered her feet and cried uncontrollably. Nene tells Porsha “Don’t do it Porsha, listen to me…don’t do it…we’ve already had this talk.” Then we hear Phaedra telling Porsha “Porsha, look at Nene.” When did Phaedra become #TeamNene? Phaedra tells her “Porsha, it’s going be alright, you gonna apologize and it’s gonna be alright,” in her most fake compassionate Southern Belle voice. Porsha stands up and hugs Phaedra tightly and says “I’m so sorry” three times; as if she failed her assignment and let her big sisters down.

Carlos King (Bravo Producer) swoops Porsha off her feet and whisks her off set. Nene and Phaedra follow for some more “comforting” while Kandi watches from the sideline. Carlos King rocks Porsha in his arms back and forth. Trying to bring her “back” from her emotional episode. He’s patting her on the back like big mama pats her grand babies. Once he reassures her everything will be alright, he picks her up and takes her to her dressing room for her final curtain call. Phaedra and Kandi get their make-up retouched and joke about Kandi’s bachelorette party and strippers.

As we reported on April 3, supposedly, Nene Leakes conspired with Phaedra Parks to “take down” Kenya Moore at the RHOA reunion. Although both Nene and Phaedra have not been on speaking terms, they managed to put their differences aside to plot a calculated attack on Kenya Moore at the reunion, which taped on March 27. As we all saw on tonight’s show, Nene and Phaedra were both unusually cordial with each other. Allegedly, Nene and Phaedra dug up dirt from Kenya’s past to expose her with at the reunion. They both agreed not to discuss each other’s dirt and focus all their hate on Kenya. We’re also told the women put a battery in Porsha’s back to get her riled up, which ultimately led to Porsha’s brazen violent attack on Kenya.


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  • RonnieIsBack

    that fight was so lame. Porsha was a puppet and an idiot. But she embarassed herself wayyyy before the fight. As for the hair puliing, she tried it..thought a weave would come off but instead, KENYA’S HAIR IS ALL HERS..so no tracks, etc. They fall to the floor. The carrying…I was like please, that heaux has walked around barefoot plenty of times.
    It was defintely a set up gong wrong. Porsha came to the reunion looking for a fight..she kept threatening I will shove this up your azz, beat your azz..I was like when did Porsha (Buick) become so hood?
    Cynthia looked so sad..Nene is horrible..her hair, her face, her attitude..calling Andy Andrew..big whup..it is still not as kuntry and fugly as Linethia…LINETHIA!!!!!LOLOL.
    Fakedra kills me calling anyone a whore…her rep is so foul and she is well known by a lot of peeps ….Head Doctor allegedly…..

    • Babson_Chick

      Will check out this vid in a few – am watching Boston Mar.

  • Porsha grabs for Kenya, pulls Cynthia dress open, exposing Cynthia’s bare breast on TV

  • Marsbars09

    It’s too bad Porsha didn’t leave the franchise with her dignity in tact. She is so dumb to allow Moose & Fake to manipulate her. Now she has a criminal record.
    I think Moose and Fake pulled Andy into their plan. I find it highly ironic that Andy asked Porsha what did she think about Kray’s African prince. It all went downhill from there.
    I think Moose & Fake are disgusting. They will get what’s coming to them in due time.

    • “It’s too bad Porsha didn’t leave the franchise with her dignity in tact.” <—she really embarrassed herself.

  • Birdie11

    Porsha’s been through SO MUCH…you mean like undergoing surgery to get two watermelons strapped to her chest? Phaekdra with her beauty pageant ensemble, her eyes stuck in rolled position, and Moose with her vacant stares were both disgusting. They should have known that Porsha was too dumb to execute a plan more complicated than a Dick and Jane level. Kray looked gorgeous and REGAL..bullhorn, sceptre and all. The beauty of a backfire…gotta love it.

    • RonnieIsBack

      Fakedra had on her BRYmaid dress…

    • LMAO—WELL SAID!!!!

      Good points about Porsha. In her simple mind she really thinks she’s been through struggles and suffered. Chile Please! I thought Kenya and Cynthia looked gorg.

      • I am aghast at Porsha (age 31) extreme child like behavior and choices. The vocabulary used was so street and pedestrian. Grown women calling each other fat, ugly, whores…..how original.

        • Birdie11

          Not only trashy…but so intellectually SIMPLE.

          • Always so articulate you are. That’s it…intellectually SIMPLE <—BINGO!!

        • THANK YOU!!!

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Doc! Both Cynthia and Kray were the best dressed last night.

        • Hi Marsie. I agree. Kandi dress fit her well too.

    • Marsbars09

      Hi birdie! Yes, I too am disappointed in the behavior of the cast last night.

  • NOTICE ==> Carlos was ALREADY on the carpet…..behind Porsha BEFORE Porsha grabbed Kenya’s hair…..

    #1 BLOG- Congratulations!!
    You are still the only blog CORRECTLY identifying Ex Prod Carlos King as the person stopping Porsha.

  • italiano bambino

    New boobs but no job…. bye porsha

    • I am disappointed that Porsha resorted to breast implants in order to make money, snag her a meal ticket, at age 31, instead of choosing an education.

      I had a double mastectomy, (left breast cancer) the doctors, nurses, everyone except my family, thought it extraordinary unusual, that I would refuse free breast implants, and instead choose to rock no breasts, no bra, nothing! Commercial society is trying to define woman to objects in my opinion. Doltish Porsha fell right into the trap.

      • Birdie11

        So well said…and SO glad you’re healthy. Lost my sis to bc..so that is so wonderful to hear. I actually think athletic, strong bodies are the most attractive. Beauty is lost on me with those things.

      • Excellent comment. I agree 1000%.

        Glad you’re recovering well.

        • I am not doing well, severe pain, very bad kidney infection.
          Will you do a #wwhl blog?
          The ladies were high on something! Bodies were wiggly, glassy gigantic eyes, swaying, crude language…… Phaedra said she was staying married until things are settled.

    • Good one!!

  • Peter Pan syndrome is theorized that some individuals mature into adulthood physically, but retain the minds of children. They have difficulty in social situations, and often behave with extreme immaturity, refusing to take on adult responsibilities, engaging in childish behavior and emotional extremes, and experiencing outbursts of anger and other emotions. Porsha is 31.

    • Porsha at age 31 displays in my opinion characteristic of the Immature Personality
      Lack of self-awareness, Emotional Instability, no sense of responsibility, distorted view of reality, Absence of life goals, Lack of emotional maturity, Lack of intellectual maturity, Little or no self-control, Lack of firm moral values and ethics.

      • Unchained

        Well said my friend! Everyone around her supports her antics because, she’s cute. Sad.

  • noarguingwithstupid

    Did Porsha actually say to Andy, “Want to SMELL my breasts?” She may be 31, but mentally I put her at around 12.

    • Babson_Chick

      Yep!! Another really stupid comment. I also liked when she said something about the “blow horn”.

    • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

      NAWS, you are being kind to give her that much credit.

  • New Thread Alert: RHOA Reunion Recap : //allaboutthetea.com/?p=4390

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    Holy Crap. What Porsha did was so violent it is outrageous! She hit and grabbed with one hand and then coupled her other hand on Kenya’s head and hair and violently pulled at Kenya’s hair. She pulled Kenya down and then she fell down and then pulled Kenya partially across the floor.
    Seriously, her apologizing to Nene and Phaekra was brutal and then with the barrage of “I embarrassed myself!” with the foot stamping tantruming. Uh…Noh that was wrong on so many different levels!
    Then, after being coached by Nene and Phaekra she said to Andy she blacked out! What complete unequivocal BullSh*t! She completely knew exactly what she was doing and that’s no BS.
    All three of them should be implicated in this fiasco (Porsha, N and Faekra). And ALL THREE OF THEM should be FIRED! Straight..no..chase. All three of their butts should hit the curb, in a New York Minute!

    That was a conspiracy and it was literally terrifying.


    • Yup! Nene and Phaedra conspired with a dummy who lacked the intellect to know when to stop. She took it too far. Porsha was pumped up and ready to goooo. She kept cutting Kenya off at every turn. If you ask me, Porsha was the one provoking Kenya.

  • Karen Jones

    Any one that would believe such trash is just looking for more drama. Nene and Phaedra had noting to do with what happened. This was bound to happen at some point in time with the way Kenya pushes peoples buttons. The only reason Nene did what she did was to make sure Porsha did not say something that Kenya could use against her. These ladies know the type of person Kenya is they knew she was going to call the police. I bet Andy was surprised. I also bet something was said to Kenya about it and it was not nice.

  • alexandra

    I’m sorry but, since when is someone’s intelligence grounds for whether they deserve mistreatment? Clearly Kenya is a master manipulator, instigator and same can be said about Nene and Phe. Porsha couldn’T take Kenyas shit anymore and im NOT too proud to say that Ive NEVER gotten physical BUT I wouldnt have dragged Kenya around the whole damn set!

    • alex


    • Unchained

      At all of you defending Porsha like she’s some teenager. She is a 33 year old woman! If she couldn’t sustain the insults and the taunting, she should have stayed her ass home. Kenya isn’t doing anything to them, that they haven’t already done to her.

  • I digress

    I disagree with the bloggers assessment that Phaedra and NeNe somehow put porsha up to taking Kenya down…All 3 of them had their own indivdual issues with Kenya during the season but not with each other so it didn’t have to be a conspiracy to take Kenya down. More likely NeNe told Porsha not to lose her composure…And when she did, NeNe didn’t want Porsha to make it worse for herself…I also don’t think their was a violent attack, only hair pulling then they both tripped. You try going through a nasty divorce before the world and additionally having a nasty cunt taunting you throughout the entire ordeal and see how you hold up. Porsha talked her controlling husband into doing the show so that she could have her own money and he could clear his name. Kordell decided he was losing control when the other wives were getting in Porsha’s ear and wanted to pull the plug. Kordell kicked his wife out because she was becoming too independent (hanging out with the other wives) and didn’t want to leave the show. Everyone keeps missing the fact that Kordell controlled everything before Porsha joined the show even down to if her own family could come over to visit.