Nene Leakes Justifies Porsha Assaulting Kenya Moore & Says She Makes RHOA Relevant

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On the heels of the RHOA Reunion airing tonight, TMZ caught up with Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes as she walked out of LAX airport on Saturday. Escorted by her butler husband Gregg Leakes.

When asked whose side is she on, as expected, Nene said “Porsha’s.” No surprise there. Nene is team Porsha because Porsha is not trying to dethrone the HBIC. As witnessed on the show, Nene is pissed that Kenya Moore is invading her spotlight so Kenya has been taken off Nene’s Christmas list.

Nene also said Kenya provoked Porsha just like she provokes other people and gave the example of when Kenya tugged on her ear in an earlier episode. Nene may not condone violence but it seems she’s rationalizing it with the excuse of provocation.

When asked if her co-stars wouldn’t be as relevant without her, she responded “Absolutely, you never hear them doing anything unless their arguing with me. Everybody has to argue with me. So, it’s funny and it’s amazing how they make it seem like it’s my fault. I totally get it. You definitely can’t have friends in this business.” I cringe when faux celebrities use the term “in this business” what business do they speak of? Surely it can’t be the same business as REAL celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Oprah. 

As we previously reportedNene Leakes and Phaedra Parks supposedly planned a “take down” of Kenya Moore at the RHOA Reunion and manipulated Porsha to do their dirty work. Unfortunately for Porsha, she’s obtuse and was easy prey for those gangsta bitches housewives. Porsha was allegedly a willing participant in the devious plan but took things too far and assaulted Kenya

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WATCH: The clip of Nene discussing why she supports Porsha.





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