Married To Medicine Sneak Peek: A Steakhouse Beef [Episode 3]

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The ladies of Married to Medicine returns tonight and a peace summit between Quad and Mariah turns into explosive confrontation that quickly spreads across the medical community. Dr. Jackie meets with Dr. Heavenly to hash out their issues, but realizes it’s not exactly the resolution she was hoping for. Meanwhile,Toya hosts a birthday party for her son; its all fun and games until Quad and Mariah’s feud becomes the talk of the party.

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Obesity arguments and Mariah versus Quad. The ladies wonder if the devil has only changed his clothes after Quad and Mariah have a major bust up.


Round Two: Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie talk weight again and Miss Georgia Plus into her office to discuss weighty issues once again. Once again it doesn’t go well.





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