Depressed Housewife: Teresa Giudice Is Paranoid And Afraid To Leave Her House

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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice, convicted felon and star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is in the news again. This time, InTouch is reporting Teresa has become paranoid since pleading guilty to several fraud charges on March 4th.

The magazine is reporting that Teresa has become a shell of her former crass, rude and bitchy self. Friends of the corrupt RHONJ star tells InTouch, Teresa has been avoiding the spotlight. Shocking! She’s become a prisoner in her own home, held up in her bedroom in her Towaco, N.J. Mcmansion.

A quote from Teresa’s friend via InTouch:

“She has become extremely paranoid and cut almost everyone off. She’s like a prisoner at home. Her spontaneous and outgoing personality has shifted since now she only speaks to her husband, Joe, her parents and her four kids: Gia, 13, Gabriella, 9, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 4.” 

Another friend tells InTouch:

“It gets to a point where you’re just paralyzed by it. Teresa is so depressed. She can’t move forward. It’s like purgatory.”

Teresa and Joe pleaded guilty to several serious felonies; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. Teresa and Joe are scheduled to be sentenced in 78 days and the stress seems to be taking a toll.

Aside from their felony charges, Teresa and Joe are also feeling the pressure over a new Bankruptcy report filed on April 8th relating to their 2009 Bankruptcy petition. The couple’s bankruptcy case is close to being finalized and according to the final report, Teresa and Joe owe $13.4 million. Of the $13.4 million, only $7,500 has been paid back. They still owe a whopping $13.4 million to their creditors. The couple was hoping the debt would be extinguished but the trustee had other plans. Once the Bankruptcy judge signs off on the trustee’s final report and the case is finalized, creditors can once again pursue their claims and recoup what’s owed to them.

That means their debt will NOT be ELIMINATED. Creditors can place leans against everything they own and garnish their Bravo paychecks, endorsement deal money and book deals royalties. The couple will be paying off the $13.4 million dollar debt for many years! 

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In addition to all of this, Teresa’s brand has been marred by her legal scandal resulting in her losing endorsement deals, allegedly.

Reports say, Teresa is petrified of losing her beloved marbel mausoleum McMansion she calls home.

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What are your thoughts on Teresa being depressed? Do you feel sorry for her or do you feel she’s facing her inevitable comeuppance? Sound off in the comments.




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