Tamra Is Not Happy With Gretchen & Could Care Less About Her Wedding!

Posted on Apr 19 2014 - 7:26pm by Avigail



My my my…..what a difference a year makes!

Last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, if you saw a scene with Tamra Barney, it’s likely Gretchen Rossi was in it or nearby. Gretchen hung onto Tamra like a newborn breastfeeding. If you recall Gretchen dropped Alexis like a hot potato to be Tamra’s best friend. Gretchen stood by and egged Tamra on as she verbally assaulted Alexis at every opportunity. Now the tables have turned, Gretchen is on the outs and in direct crosshairs of Tamra’s shotgun.

I know what you’re thinking and no, these women are not in High School.

Last season when Gretchen was on the show, she received an invite to Tamra’s wedding despite strong objections from Tamra’s fiance, Eddie. Gretchen and her fiance, Slade Smiley attended the lavish ceremony but neglected to bring a gift.

Tamra Barney

Now that Gretchen has been fired and no longer friends with Tamra, what’s the likelihood of Mr. & Mrs. Judge getting an invite? Tamra certainty isn’t holding her breath, “No, I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Tamra tells Wetpaint, before going on to explain that the last time Tamra even saw Gretchen was at the taping of the RHOC reunion show. “Honestly, I believe that some people probably shouldn’t be friends, and we’re two people that shouldn’t,” she says bluntly of her longtime frenemy. And of course Tamra wouldn’t be Tamra if she didn’t get in one insult “If I do attend, I’ll make sure I bring a gift!”




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  • SouthTampaLily

    I don’t like or dislike Gretchen, but I am not sure why Tamra keeps talking about her – usually once an HW is off a show they fade into obscurity – when Tamra keeps mentioning her, she keeps Gretchen relevant. If she really hated her, she should stop talking about her and watch as Gretchen & Slade disappear from discussion.

    • True. Tamra is just a bitter woman who will go to any lengths to preserve her rabble-rouser title. As she said herself, she gets paid a lot to stir the pot.

      • hardtimz

        Doc you are too right about that, Tamara is a bitter BIRD, that’s now married. I wonder how long will this marriage last?

        • Thanks Hard. You know that marriage won’t last long. Tamra is not a happy or spiritually sound woman.

          I need to sign off now. I have to go pick-up my teenager. Have a good night hon and I’ll see you tomorrow for the big reunion day. *muah*

    • hardtimz

      Good point, but she’s gotta keep the nonsense going. Because I don’t really see her with much of a story line, other than Custody battle w/Simon. But I don’t see that Simon allowing that to play out on Bravo…but I could be wrong.

      • SouthTampaLily

        she needs to pick a cast member to fight with – versus someone no longer on the show! The Simon-Tamra thing makes me sad – no winners, only losers- the kids. They should both keep their comments about each other & the kids off Twitter – there is a Sidney Barney twitter account which I don’t know if it is really their daughter, but if it is- they really should try to stop that – but then again stopping a 15 year old from using social media is no piece of cake. (And I do not have children, so of course I am the perfect person to judge others – HAHAHHAHA)

        • hardtimz

          I’ve never been that person that say things like you can’t have an opinion about children because you’re not a parent. I don’t believe any teenager should have a social media account. My eldest does have a FB account, but it is very tightly monitored. She tried that, “My privacy” bull crap. But I shut that down real quick. I told her, “You will have privacy when you’re out on your own…until then”!!! I do hope that those PARENTS are able to work things out privately…Happy Easter 🙂

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    What is or are “riffle hairs”?

    • LOL–The writer meant crosshairs. It’s updated Thanks.

      • SouthTampaLily

        I went to the salon to get a chic cut and all I got was RIFFLE HAIRS! 😉

        • Hahahahaha! Snap a pic of them riffle hairs and share.

  • hardtimz

    Tamara have been working my nerves lately, at first she didn’t bother me, but now I don’t like her. I didn’t know that the new season have started, is it any good thus far?

    • Hey Hardtimz. It started last Monday and not much has changed. Tamra is still a mean spirited b*tch. Now that Gretchen is gone, Tamra’s new target is Heather. Vicki is still woohoo’ing and Heather is building a new house.

      Here’s the recap of Episode 1: //allaboutthetea.com/2014/04/15/real-housewives-of-orange-county-recap-hawaii-5-uh-oh-s9-ep-1/

      • hardtimz

        Wow okay, yes I thought since she didn’t have Gretchen anymore to name call and attack. She had to set her sites on Heather, I knew it. Guess she didn’t want to scare off the new girls. But I didn’t like the chick that’s suppose to be the comedian, she’s not funny to me. I’ve seen her on Chelsea Handler’s show…small doses only…like Burberry! Thanks for the link…I’ll check it out! But I could have sworn I read or heard that Jeana was returning, but maybe words.

  • TartLemon

    Gretchen is not a cast member. Why is Bravo dissing her like this? She’s not there to defend herself.

    I’m not a huge Gretchen fan, but what’s going on?

  • Babson_Chick

    Well Tamra, hope you’re happy because I stopped watching OC because of you and Vik – it’s not fun or classy anymore!!

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