Saturday Funnies: Pearly White Stuff

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 The New & Improved Pearly White Stuff Commercial

Youse all haz gotz to get youse some of Pearly Whites stuff.  Youse will just Luv Luv Luv it!

Joe says that youse might getz some numbs and big lips, but Joe says ‘Fuhgeddabouddit’.  It’ll goez alwayz.  And youse all knows we want big lips. MuWah.

Saturday Funnies

Lemme shows youse how white my teeth gets with this stuff.  SEE

Saturday Funnies

Youse haz got to go outs and getz youse this stuff.  Buy lots froms me! The more yews buys the more Burpkins iz can give to charity.


This is good stuff!  Wouldz I lies to youses. Don’t forget ta send Cash Only.  No receipts.

*Feds watching*


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously


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