Porsha Williams Tells Kenya Moore Her African Prince Is Fake And Accuses Her of Paying Him: Reunion Spoilers

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 RHOA reunion S6

As many speculated, Kenya Moore’s African Prince, a wealthy oil tycoon would be brought into the mix at the reunion.

In the following newly released clip from the RHOA reunion part 1, messy Andy asked Kenya:

“I want to change gears and talk about your African Prince. We got a flood of comments, emails and tweets from viewers who don’t think he exist. Donovan Lord from Dallas said: ‘Is he like your acting career non existent?'”

Nene rolls her eyes and Kandi immediately starts giggling. Kenya responds with:

“Hahaha so funny, let them try to read me in person. My entire life, I’ve dated, I’ve had boyfriends 3-4 years, actually some famous people. You’ve never seen a picture with me with anybody on the red carpet, Twitter, Facebook, whatever the case. You will never find one because I’ve lived my life under the radar with my love life. I don’t have a need to prove anything to anyone. Some people here have met my guy before.”

Andy asks Kenya if she’s still dating him and when was the last time she’s seen him. Kenya replies, “Yes, 3 weeks ago and he doesn’t come to Atlanta.”

Andy then turns to Porsha and says, you look like you have something on your mind.

Porsha chimes in that Kenya stated everything about the guy and won’t show him because he doesn’t exist. She goes on to accuse Kenya of never meeting or talking to the African Prince and trying to pay a famous African singer [D’banj] $15,000 to appear on the show as her boyfriend.

Then Kenya asks Porsha to be quiet so she can finish her statement when Porsha violently snatches the scepter out of Kenya’s hand and tosses it to the floor.  Things go down hill pretty fast after that. This exchange seems to be what led to Porsha’s emotional meltdown, leading up to her assaulting Kenya. Take a sneak peek:




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