Exclusive: Interview with Shaun and Sofia Sulligan of Marriage Boot Camp

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AllAboutTheTea had the pleasure of interviewing breakout stars, Shaun and Sofia Sulligan of Bridezillas and Marriage Boot Camp. Now that the couple has successfully gone through Marriage Boot Camp, their marriage is stronger than ever. On Marriage Boot Camp, the spirited gutsy couple made it clear that health and fitness is an integral part of their lives.

Shaun is a bodybuilder and Sofia is very athletic and want to share their expertise with you. The couple has launched Double “S” Fitness in Pennsylvania. Double “S” Fitness is a health and lifestyle company that incorporates a healthy balance between diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. 

Double S Fitness

Often times, Reality TV can be the kiss of death for a marriage. The strain of being in the public eye can take a toll on a marriage but not with Shaun and Sofia Sulligan. The couple insists, Marriage Boot Camp helped us both grow as people,” adding “It’s hard enough to admit our issues/faults but doing it on national television is a whole different level. Nobody wants to be scrutinized, no matter how strong they are.  There are some ruthless people in the world that want to beat others down.”  

The couple discuss why they agreed to do the show “We did the show to help our own marriage but we also wanted to be role models to some so they would be able to learn from our mistakes. It’s also sometimes frustrating because it is television and the whole story might not be shown; some people make quick judgments without knowing the whole story.”  

If you watched the show you would know, Shaun and Sofia have intense personalities. You would think working together would be impossible, however, when asked if it was difficult to work together, they shared the secret to their success “For some people, it is difficult to work with your spouse but we make it work. Call us weird but we actually enjoy it.  We are very good at keeping our home life at home and work life at work.  Teamwork is very important and since we are both hardworking, determined individuals, we know what we need to do in order to accomplish our dreams.”  

Shaun and Sofia have been doing personal training/nutrition for a while and the show has opened many doors for them. Marriage Boot Camp is a springboard for what’s to come. The couple says they have some projects in the works and yes, Reality TV is in their future!

Double “S” Fitness is a health and lifestyle company that offers personal training in Philadelphia and health and fitness consultation via Skype and telephone around the world. Shaun will be sharing his secrets of how to safely build muscle mass and Sofia offers diet and exercise tips that will burn fat and boost your metabolism. If you’re interested in working with them, the couple can be reached by email SofiaAndShaun@gmail.com. 

Don’t miss Marriage Boot Camp on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WE tv.

Keep up with Sofia and Shaun on Twitter for updates on the couples progress and their company, Double “S” Fitness.



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