Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop Sex Tape…..Causes Shower Curtain Rod Shortage & Will Be Her Story Line In New Season

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Mimi Faust recently starred in a sensual production, a sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko Smith!  Say what you want but for a 42-year old woman, Mimi looks like a 24-year old professional in her sensual flick. She could give Jenna Jameson a run for her money with her creative athletic moves! You go GIRL!

We guess Mimi’s house cleaning company, Keep It Clean (hahaha!) must not be bringing in enough money for her to succumb to doing something like THIS! WOW! We’re shocked that Mimi would release a sex tape, considering she has a very young daughter. What will her daughter think of her mother when she finds out or sees it?

The home video features a gymnastic clip involving a shower curtain rod that has caused a shortage of “super strength” shower curtain rods across the country. Yes, we are not joking!

TMZ talked to employees at Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Walmart (Cali, Georgia) who said heavy duty shower rods were flying off the shelves.


Yes, you read that right: shower curtain rods!

In honor of Mimi’s aerobatic moves, a Twitter account was created: @MimiShowerRod.

It appears the X-rated sex tape will be the center of Mimi and Nikko’s story line in the season 3 of LHHAVH1 released the following press release:

Mimi Faust is dealing with a scandal of her own when a sex tape “mysteriously” leaks starring her and boyfriend Nikko – a man her closest confidants don’t trust. Although she stands to gain notoriety and fortune, the mother of one must determine if the reward outweighs the repercussions that could potentially destroy her friendships and family.

In addition to centering around Mimi and Nikko’s X-rated story line, rappers Yung Joc and Waka Flocka Flame will also join the Atlanta-based cast.

WATCH:  Season 3 trailer of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the video below:




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