Vicki Gunvalson Dishes On The Departure of Gretchen Rossi

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Vicki Gunvalson joined Andy in the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse,  Monday night.  Vicki never being the shy one, expressed exactly how she felt about Gretchen Rossi’s departure from the show.

“No. Just no. I’m not going to miss her, she was such a liar and such a troublemaker. I’m ready for clean, fresh, happy new people. You have no idea. I was so over it. With Gretchen comes [her fiancé] Slade…I was so over their lying and their talking mean about people.” 

Gretchen RossiAlexis Bellino, and Lydia McLaughlin are gone, replaced with fresh meat, Shannon Beador and Lizzy Rovsek.

During the after-show, on the topic of her son-in-law’s epic meltdown and attack on Lydia’s mom, Vicki had the following to say:

“I didn’t reprimand him, he’s my son-in-law. He got mad. There was a lot that viewers didn’t see from that night. There were some situations that had been brewing all night long with Lydia and her mom…He had a right to feel what he felt. I respect his decision and his passion for the home. It’s family.”

Clearly, Vicki is either afraid of Ryan and won’t admit he has anger issues or shes in denial and makes excuses for his bad behavior. We reported that Ryan has finally admitted he has a serious problem with rage and is taking the necessary steps to get help for post-traumatic stress. Ryan says he acquired PTSD during his Marine career. He is participating in Save A Warrior, a resiliency program aimed at helping veterans of war zones. Ryan blamed editing for portraying him in such a negative light and Vicki seems to be following suit.




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