Chrisley Knows Best Recap: ‘Date Night’ [Episode 7]

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 Chrisley Knows Best 

This week’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best opens with Todd prank calling his mother.  He said that behavior like this helps keep his mother from developing Alzheimers.  Son Chase and Todd giggle like elementary school kids.

The five Chrisley children decide that their parents need a day without them.  They plan a spa day and dinner.  Evidently the youngest child Grayson will spill secrets in return for bribes, so the older Chrisley kids warn him not to open his mouth.


Meanwhile at Todd’s mother, Faye’s home, son Kyle is teaching his Grandmother how to create a dating profile on Christian Mingle.  Bravo to Grandma Faye for getting out there and looking for companionship.

Todd’s real estate agent tells him that the commercial space Todd had selected for his “Chrisley & Company” department store will not be available.  The landlord no longer wishes to negotiate.  Todd is stressed because he already has inventory ordered and will have no place to put it.  I know zero about department store retail workings, but shouldn’t you have a space before you start ordering inventory?

It is time for date night.  Julie and Todd discover that their chauffeur is their son Chase replete in a suit, tie, white gloves and big fake mustache – but no shirt.  Evidently someone ordered the “Magic Mike” package.  I thought Chase looked like a blond Super Mario Brother.  Then Todd said the same thing in the episode.  Oh Lord, who knew that Todd Chrisley and I thought alike?

Chase did not bother to look up the spa address, so there was some spastic driving and yelling at sister Savannah on the phone.  Eventually they arrive at their destination – a day spa.  The Chrisley children have booked a couples massage for their parents.  However Todd cannot leave his phone behind and takes calls interrupting the serenity of both his and Julie’s massages.  Wasn’t there a previous Chrisley Knows Best episode where Todd took all the kids’ electronics away so they could appreciate time with the family?  The lesson must have been lost on Todd himself!

Chrisley Knows Best

After the couples massage, Julie and Todd are trying to leave the spa when they are told that the children did not pre-pay for the services.  Todd did not bring his wallet, but luckily Julie had a credit card on her.

Chase next brings Julie and Todd to a “Little Italy-style” restaurant where luckily their waitress confirms that the children did pre-pay for their meal.  Todd is stressing about real estate.  Julie calms him down and brings a genuine smile to his face.  Todd says that he may not like Julie all the time, but he loves her always – and you can definitely feel the warmth.

After dinner, Julie and Todd go next door to a coffee shop to buy pastries as a “thank you” to their kids.  They run into Todd’s mother Faye on a coffee date with a tan older man with very white teeth.  (Allow me to roll my eyes – sure, this show isn’t scripted AT ALL.  No sir.  This was just the biggest coincidence ever.Yes, that’s right.)

chrisley-knows best

Todd is visibly troubled by seeing his Mother on a date. It is revealed later in the episode that his father passed away in 2012. Julie tells Todd that his mother is entitled to have coffee with a man. Todd says she is entitled to coffee, but not a cannoli. OH TODD!

In true Chrisley Knows Best happy ending fashion, the landlord of the property Todd wanted comes back and agrees to let them rent it.  The family cheers.

Todd calls his Mother to make sure she arrived home safe – and alone – after her coffee date. While she did not bring her date home, she was not going to promise that she would not have a gentleman caller if Mr. Right came along. Todd tells his mother that she has turned into a harlot.  His Mother quick-wittedly replies that she hasn’t been out hooking yet.

The episode closes with “In Memory of Gene Raymond Chrisley” on the screen.

Chrisley Knows Best has been renewed for a second season by USA Network. Next week’s episode is the season finale where the Chrisley family is throwing a first birthday party for Granddaughter Chloe.Stay tuned!





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