Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: ‘The Final Curtain Call’ [Episode 22]

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The finale episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off with Kandi at home rehearsing for “A Mother’s Love,” her musical production. Opening night is two days away and Kandi wants to desperately make a good impression for Mama Joyce, her toughest critic. It’s her first production working with Todd and she’s jittery the musical executes flawlessly. Tickets sales are not good and Kandi is nervous Mama Joyce will be her usual ‘Madea-Goes-To-Jail’ gun totting self. Todd expresses the continued disconnect with Mama Joyce even after their one-on-one talk. The couple discuss the elephant in the room, the pre-nup. Kandi tells Todd that, as far as she knows, her lawyer draws up the paper work and he signs it so why all the hesitation on his part. She mentions Phaedra and Apollo as well as Cynthia and Peter all have pre-nups and what she came into the marriage with she wants to leave with. One thing Kandi is not and that’s foolish with her coins!

In a heart-warming scene, Kenya says goodbye to her beloved dog, Velvet. Cynthia, Aunt Lori and Kenya turn out for Velvet’s touching memorial ceremony. For all you pet lovers out there you understand how heart breaking it is to lose a pet. My heart breaks for Kenya. Cynthia starts the ceremony with a short prayer. Then aunt Lori delivers Velvet’s eulogy and Kenya breaks down. She starts wailing in tears uncontrollably. To make the moment more dramatic, Bravo plays a montage of Velvet’s finest moments. RIP Velvet!

Phaedra is finally realizing her dream of becoming a mortician. She’s finish her schooling and is ready to start a new career in stealing dead people’s identities the funeral home business. A dead man tells no tales! Apollo is happy to have his wife back home again. Knowing what we know now, I can’t help but think, why would he want her around when he was busy committing fraud.

Nene returns from a business trip and tells Gregg she is not feeling well. She complains of an odd pain from her right breast back around to her chest. Gregg thinks it might be gas but Nene just wants to go rest.

Porsha’s mama and sister visit her to celebrate Porsha’s newfound freedom to whore around (the streets are talking) date. Porsha claims she decided to walk away from the marriage with nothing. Now while Porsha may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, I find it very hard to believe she didn’t try to take Kordell to the cleaners. After all, money is the reason she married Kordell (allegedly) in the first place. According to Porsha, she married him to help him change his gay “image.”

Now onto the best part of last night’s episode. A star is born! It’s debut night of Kandi’s musical, “A Mother’s Love” and the queen of all musicals, Tyler Perry is in the house! Both Kandi and Porsha brought down the house with their performances. All of Kandi’s cast mates turned out for the event except for Nene who’s in the hospital dealing with a serious medical issue. Cynthia looked great with her neon sequined top, she stole the show! Well, at least the fashion show. Kandi’s character was sassy and all doubts about Porsha faded away the moment she started singing on stage. Porsha and Kandi got to play sisters in the musical. Thankfully, Porsha got through opening night understudy-free. The faces Mama Joyce made throughout the performance said it all, she was PISSED! I saw sadness and guilty written all over face. She finally got to see what her silly behavior looks like up close and personal. The scene was reminiscent of Scrooge witnessing how much pain he caused. Shirley Murdock and Eddie Levert nailed their parts. Everyone turned up after opening night to celebrate Kandi and Todd’s production!










What a season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta this has been! Personally, this was one of the ladies of Atlanta’s best seasons to date. From the emotional roller coaster of Mama Joyce meddling in Kandi and Todd’s relationship (Mama Joyce taking off her shoe to beat Carmon’s ass) , Nene’s “date night” fight to the Bailey Bowl Brawl. The drama was turned up and the ladies (and husbands) showed out! Tune in next week for part 1 of the explosive reunion Bravo is hyping up to the max!




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