Andy Cohen Reveals What Really Happened At The RHOA Reunion Between Kenya & Porsha

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion hasn’t aired yet but plenty of rumors have gone around the mulberry bush and back again about what happened on the set.

Numerous media outlets have reported, Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore got into a “brawl” at the RHOA reunion filming on Thursday, March 27. The claim was the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars got into a violent  altercation and Porsha beat the dog mess out of Kenya, ripping her hair from her scalp. All About The Tea spoke to a source close to the situation and we’re being told this is an outright lie.

The source claims the “violent  altercation” never happened and here’s how the incident really occurred:

“Porsha and Kenya both were engaged in a heated exchange over Kenya’s claims Porsha’s ex-hubby Kordell is gay and Porsha willingly played his beard. Porsha and Kenya both stood up, Porsha lunged towards Kenya and before any blows were thrown it was over. Porsha DID NOT drag Kenya by her hair. Security stepped in and broke up anything before it started.”

Andy Cohen was there to witness what really went down. And in the latest episode of “Ask Andy,” his assistant Daryn Carp got the scoop!

Here’s what Andy had to say:

“There was an altercation that took place between Kenya [Moore] and Porsha [Williams]. They stood up…I think I stood up pretty quickly. It was such a flash. And it started to escalate and then I was trying to prevent it, and a couple other people jumped in too. To me, it came out of nowhere. The other women felt Kenya provoked her a bit…I was so shocked and surprised. I don’t want that to happen. I think it’s gross. And I think it just…it’s totally inappropriate, it’s wrong, it’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”


WATCH: Andy Cohen dish on the RHOA Reunion and More:


Well, there you have it folks. We reported Andy’s version of events exclusively on March 28th before any other news outlet.






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