Lisa Vanderpump Trying To Pay Off Sexual Assault Accuser

Posted on Apr 13 2014 - 6:46am by Nancy


ap_lisa_vanderpump_jef_110927_wblog[Photo: Bravo]

Star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump is currently in a legal battle with a former employee of one of her famous Beverly Hills eateries.

Karina Bustillos, a former Villa Blanca waitress claims she was sexually harassed on the job. Bustillos alleges, a manager tried to kiss her, called her a cunt and violently grabbed her wrists.

Karina Bustillos

Karina Bustillos [Photo: Twitter]

Bustillos asserts Lisa Vanderpump refused to take action after she complained to the RHOBH star so she resigned. According TMZ, Bustillos filed a blockbuster $5 million dollar lawsuit for sexual assault and battery.

Villa Blanca

Villa Blanca [Photo: Twitter]

The sexual assault trial is scheduled to start on Monday, April 14th. In an effort to circumvent litigation and settle the case, Lisa Vanderpump has extended an offer of $40,001 to resolve the suit. Monday is the deadline for the accuser to accept the offer or the case goes to trial.




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  • WestCoastFeed

    Who is responsible for hiring the staff at her restaurants? Fire him or her, Lisa.

  • twifan2

    Get rid of the manager IF there is any truth to her claim.

  • Summer

    Agreed i know Lisa is a good & a pretty easy boss but the manager must be sacked.

    It amazes me the people who work there treat the work place like a pick -up joint they’ve all or most have slept with each other this was bound to happen

    • Excellent point, Summer. I was shocked watching Vanderpump Rules how terribly lax the workplace is. Too much workplace romances and casual sex for my liking (and I’m no prude). Something like this was bound to happen.

      • Summer

        Hi Dr it’s actually Karma i used my other name sorry Dr and everyone else.

        TBH Im actually surprised it hasn’t happened earlier or more frequently.

        I can’t believe Lisa allowed such behaviour in her establishment she knew people where having sex in the bathroom, making out, slapping each other.

        I like Lisa but she needs to be strict when it comes to her employees having sex in the bathroom etc that’s just gross she can’t say she knew nothing bout it in a few esp she made it quite clear to the staff she knows everything that goes on in her restaurants.

        What looks really bad for Lisa now is she’s saying she knows nothing bout it when on tape she says that she knows everything that goes on & for Lisa to offer this girl $40.001 looks like hush money to me at least if this goes to court it could open a big can of worms.

        Like I’ve said she needs to act like their employer not there friend that doesn’t mean she needs to be a bitch but she needs to stop getting involved in their personal life & she also needs to stop them bringing their personal life to work.

  • murlut

    When you own a business, these people will come forward and claim about anything. I am sure the business has cameras and other I am wondering if it happened or not. Rather than trial, a lot of businesses will fork over money to let it go away. One time, iffy. If this manager has had issues before and this waitress has reported him more than one occasion, then throw the book at him.

  • Julie

    heh. i posted as a guest

  • Julie

    why dies. i mean why does. its my nails. i quit.

  • italiano bambino

    Lisa mmmm im not surprised.

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