The Voice Recap: The Playoffs Premiere Part 1 [Season 6, Ep 17]

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The Playoffs – Part 1

So now we’re down to the team competitions.  The five members of each team perform and at the end of the night, the Coach picks the three to continue on to the live shows where America gets to add their two cents and weigh in on who should be “The Voice”.  Last night was the night devoted to Team Blake….

Audra  McLaughlin – “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride

Audra  McLaughlin

Holy crazy awesome vocals, Batman!!  Seriously, that girl can really belt out a note!  On top of that, she just comes across as a really genuine kind of person.

Usher – Sees Audra as having a very powerful and effortless voice

Shakira – Loves the emotion and believability in her performance.

Adam – Wants to see more of the “beast” in her performance.

Blake – He loves that she just keeps getting better every single time rather than fizzling out after a great blind audition.

My two cents: I think she’s just fantastic.  I don’t see Audra leaving the competition any time soon.

Ryan Whyte Maloney (a.k.a. Ryan likes baloney) – “ Second Chance ” by Shinedown

Ryan Whyte Maloney

During rehearsal Blake worried about some of the notes in the song being too much for Ryan.  But he hit everything spot on during the performance.  So much so that Usher even looked over at Blake approvingly during one of those “big notes.”

Adam – Wants to file for a brovorce from Blake after Usher’s incredible compliment.  (Heh heh!) Moving on, he thinks Ryan’s getting more positive points over the rough edges.

Shakira – Especially good on the high notes.

Usher – Compares Ryan’s ability to hold notes to Adam.  Calls it a break out moment for Ryan.

Blake – Says his performance was the best he’s seen as far as being able to control his breath for those big notes.  Ryan has made it that much tougher for Blake to make a decision.

My two cents:  I think Ryan is a really, really good singer.  But I don’t think he’s as good as some of the other singers in the competition.

Madilyn Paige – “Clarity”

 Madilyn Paige

She looked so adorable….loved her pink hair.  Very sweet and youthful.  Very age appropriate.  She hit a big note toward the end that was great but looked terrified through the whole performance.

Usher – Since Madilyn was on his team previously, he knows what she is capable of….but that’s where he seems to stop talking.  Something about being well-rounded but what he said seemed to be individual words, not actually put together to make sentences.

Shakira – She heard some pocket issues but said that Madilyn pushed through.  She called Madilyn understated in the verses but powerful in the chorus.

Adam – Says Madilyn needs to learn to let go.

Blake – “I couldn’t be more confident and proud that I used my steal on you.”

My two cents: I think the song was too big for her.  She has a great voice but I think she needs some work on her pitch and her confidence.  But she’s so young that she has time to do that.

Awwwww, commercial for Disney’s new nature film, Bears!  I love bears!

Jake Worthington – “Anywhere With You” by Jake Owen

 Jake Worthington

“She’s the only girl who treated me like a skinny guy.”

~ Jake about his girlfriend of 3 years.

Jake is one of those guys who, even if I didn’t already like country music, would make me like country music.  He chose his song this week as a thank you to his girlfriend and that just makes me go “awwwww!”.  He’s so sweet that you really want to root for him.  Genuine, sweet, and like your best pal.  On top of that, the guy can sing.  He’s also one of the few of the night who really took advantage of the whole stage.  He walked around like it was his very own concert.

Shakira – She thinks Jake’s a star and loses all her objectivity with him because she loves him so much!

Adam – He’s a huge fan of Jake and he’s happy to see how far Jake’s come.  There was something else about Shake and Blake that I didn’t get the reference to….Sorry, but at least I admit it.  Ha!

Usher – Tells Jake he’s got to believe it or no one else will.

Blake – Solid performance.  He’s the real deal.

My two cents: After the coaches said their pieces, Jake thanked Blake for saying he was real.  He said it meant the world to him and to his family.  And he got all emotional when he was talking which  got me all teary and sappy.  But I loved it.  I just want to hug the guy and say, you’re a really good singer, kid!  And you seem like a great guy!  And your parents should be so proud of you!

Sissaundra Lewis – “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel

Sissaundra Lewis

During her rehearsal Blake warns Sisaunda about not over-singing the song.  Is it possible for her to NOT over-sing?  I don’t think so.  And I could have done without the screaming.

Adam – He felt she was behind during the first verse but then the rest was great.

Shakira – Says Sisaundra has a glam to her voice that is different from anyone else.  Elegant.

Usher – “I love that voice.”

Blake – He thinks Sisaundra makes him rethink how he coaches.  He coaches her from the heart, not the head.

My two cents:  She’s just not my cup of tea.  She hits the notes.  I just don’t want to hear her do it.  I don’t enjoy her.

The Decision

 The decision

Poor Blake.  I don’t envy him and his decision.  He’s got five really good singers but he can only move three to the live shows.  He says it’s the most difficult decision that he’s had to make in 6 seasons of the show.

Who I’d keep:  Jake, Audra, and Madilyn

Who I think Blake will keep: Jake, Audra, and Sisaundra

Who Blake Chose: Audra, Sisaundra, and Jake




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