Saturday Funnies: Game Show Wannabes

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Game Show Time!

Joe and Tre are going to be contestieants on this game show!

 Looney title


We’s gonna gives the monie to my favorite charity.  Joe is gonna see to that! We wouldn’t lies to youse!


Tre and Joe gets to dress up.


juicy monkey

 the looney-2-Tre


We’s hope youse all calls in and gives us lots of money my charity.


Youse will get my cookbook with mys autograph too if youse send in an extra $25 *Cash Only*


So youse give, give, gives to me my charity. *Feds watching*


*All complaints go to her.  Praises to me*


FULL credit goes to our All About The Tea poster-TigerLily!


*content for comedic purposes only and not intended to be taken seriously


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