Blind Item: This Is What A Downward Spiral Looks Like

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justin-bieber-selena-gomez-again-600x450[Photo: Instagram]

If a celebrity dumps their agent or manager or publicist before securing a new one, it’s almost always because something has gone seriously wrong. In the case of this young star, there are so many things going wrong concurrently that it’s hard to single out just one thing.

She used to try to hide her bad behavior. Now she is doing everything more openly and defiantly. She swigs vodka and does lines of coke in front of the same people who tried to get her into rehab. She is getting drunk and doing coke every day. She brags about having unprotected sex with her famous boyfriend. She is avoiding her family. She is spending money like crazy.

Everyone (including some celebrity friends) who seriously tried to stop her or help her has gotten the boot. Her managers were the absolute last line of defense. Now that they’ve been fired, there is no stopping her or helping her. Now everyone who genuinely cares about her is forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines as she spirals downward. The only people left? Her boyfriend and an assortment of  party friends, hangers on, enablers, and users.

Hmmmm… Who could it be?

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