Caroline Manzo Distancing Herself From Convicted Felon, Teresa Giudice…Says ‘They Were Never Friends’

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 1346084644_caroline-teresa-467[Photo: Bravo]

Now that Caroline Manzo has left the Real Housewives of New Jersey behind her, she is spilling the tea! Caroline walked away from the RHONJ at the height of the show’s success with her head held high. And the matriarch of the show did it on her own terms.

The astute business woman negotiated her departure to include her own show. Take that Teresa!

Caroline managed to get her own spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children and Bravo announced the show as part of their fall line-up.

Manzo family[Photo: Bravo]

Caroline spoke with US magazine and told them, her relationship with the convicted felon, Teresa Giudice was strictly business and  nothing more or less. Caroline appears to be distancing herself from the tainted brand that Teresa Giudice has created for herself. Here’s what Caroline had to say: 

“She was never a friend. She was someone I worked with. Someone I knew. When I had the opportunity to work with her and be a part of her life, I tried my best. No ill feelings. My heart goes out to her and what she’s going through now. I wish her and her children peace and nothing but the best. It’s history. It’s in my past and that’s where I’m keeping it. I walked away for a reason.”

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of Manzo’d With Children here:


Caroline Manzo is the ultimate Italian matriarch and  the Manzo family is known and loved for their entertaining ups-and-downs. There’s no telling what will happen when they have an entire show to themselves.

Manzo’d With Children will center around Caroline Manzo and her family. The concept will be Caroline acting as matriarch of her crazy Italian family. Her children are driving her more nuts than ever as Albie is single and ready to mingle, Chris is eager to come up with the best idea since the stripper/car wash, and Lauren has finally let Vito put a ring on it. Meanwhile, husband, Al Sr., has no tolerance for all these shenanigans. It’s one crowded house filled with laughter and personality…and maybe a few rounds of the Ham Game.

We are happy Caroline moved on from the toxic RHONJ and Teresa Giudice. We wish the Manzo’s much success with their new show!




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