The Real Housewives of Miami Is Not Officially Canceled

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 12:32pm by Avigail



On Wednesday, Bravo announced a full line up of new and returning shows. The Real Housewives of Miami was noticeably missing and many speculated the reality show was canceled.

RumorFix spoke exclusively to RHOM star, Lea Black and Lea had the following to say on the matter:

“No decisions have been made as to whether the show has been renewed or not. The show wouldn’t have been on the fall line up yet anyway, as possible filming was delayed- — you know everything about Miami is always late!”

So there you have it, The Real Housewives of Miami is not officially canceled!


RHOM brought a light-hearted ethnic flair to the Housewives franchise. We hope Lea is correct and the series return.

Do you want to see the The Real Housewives of Miami return? Sound off in the comments.




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  • WestCoastFeed

    That’s heartening news. I really like Lea Black. This show was easy on the eyes and on the ears. How different from the other housewife cities.

    • I love Lea Black. She’s my favorite of all the franchises

    • Birdie11

      I know…this is my favorite franchise visually.

  • twifan2

    Where’s Bam?
    He’s probably out celebrating! 🙂

    • He would be so Happy! Romaine Lettuce!! LOL!

    • italiano bambino

      Im here babe 🙂

      I saw a tweet from alexia saying the same thing I hope they come back I really love Miami idk they interpreted what rich was all about along BH. Finger crossed

      I AM CRAVING A SALAD mmm romain

      • twifan2

        DANG IT BAM! NOW I want some salad! ;D
        Yummy. Fresh, firm, nicely tossed Romaine salad! 😉

        • Tigerlily

          Romaine… Tossed salad…. WHOA!
          Wait, What?
          LOL, put a whole different picture in my head Twi!

  • italiano bambino

    Yay looking forward to season 4 hopefully they bring new blood. I miss ana n her comebacks

  • Birdie11

    YAY…I like Miami..except Mama Elsa…hopefully she will pass.

  • Tigerlily

    If they get rid of the Cuntessa Adrianna, who thinks it’s okay to make people wait 2 to 2 and a half hours to show up for her own wedding and then expects people to change clothes in their cars! FFS! Who does that?
    I might come back.
    And sorry Ladies I know you like Romain, but they also need to axe Hoanna “TUNA” Krupa, can’t stand the bish anymore! If she’s so hot and so beautiful, then why does it appear that Romain does not want to be with her. (Maybe there’s some truth to the rumors. LOL!)

    What did the blind man say as he walked past the fish market?
    Mornin’ Joanna!