Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Spoilers: Lisa Vanderpump Is An Ordained Minister!

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The final episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4 installment will air tonight. Tonight’s episode, called Secrets Revealed will feature unseen footage. Fans will get a chance to see never-before-seen moments of season 4, including Kim teaching Brandi how to act in a TV movie, Lisa and Joyce bond over a candid dinner with their husbands, Kim receives advice about how to plump her lips from an old friend, and Lisa admitting that she is an ordained minister?!?

Why Lisa would bother becoming a minister would be the first question I would ask. Supposedly, Mrs. Vanderpump is so enthralled with weddings that she has decided to become a minister in order to marry any Tom, Dick and Harry that frequent her bars.


As you remember on Vanderpump Rules, Bravo highlighted the construction of Lisa and Ken’s new establishment which will be a gay bar called P.U.M.P.
Many fans complained that Bravo turned RHOBH into an advertising vehicle for all of Lisa’s and Ken’s eateries and bars.

It really does feel like that with the boring secret that she is now a minister so she can perform weddings at her new bar.

If I recall, Lisa did not seem enthralled with her good employee Sheena’s wedding – she was very reluctant to have the wedding and seemed to care less about it so it’s difficult to imagine her thrill of strangers getting married anywhere.  I suspect this is a  made for TV stunt.



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