Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: ‘Mess Rehearsal’ [Episode 21]

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The episode starts with Porsha moaning and groaning in the studio. She sounds like she’s howling a mating call to stray cats. Pierre the producer made sure Porsha gave more emotion while in the recording studio but the only emotion Kandi was feeling was irritation! Porsha has been missing rehearsals and showing up late. Kandi confronts Porsha on missing rehearsals. Porsha is not taking the play seriously.

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Porsha’s behavior is the result of a lazy self-entitled child that never fully matured mentally. She’s not an accomplished actress with an extensive resume and never will be with her lazy work ethic. Porsha tries to place blame on Kandi’s team and later admitted there was a miscommunication between her and her team. Porsha’s parents did her a huge disservice in life and did not prepare her for the real world.

NeNe took a trip out of Atlanta to LA to meet with her manager, Steve. As if we didn’t already know, the “star” NeNe made it clear that comedy comes easy to her, she wants drama roles. And she’s turned down million dollar deals  because not everything is right for her.  I checked her resume and sadly her mouth and her resume don’t match up!  Nene is in no position to refuse any role and the fact that she thinks she is, proves how delusional NayNay really is. Once the RHOA cameras stop rolling, it will be lights out on her  “Hollywood career.”

RHOA[Photo: Bravo]

Cynthia freaks out when she finds out — from the blogs — that Peter might lose Bar One. Apparently, Peter received a letter months ago regarding Bar One possibly going into foreclosure over a landlord/tenant issue and he neglected to tell his wife.  Peter tries to weasel himself out of a sticky situation…busted! But he assures Cynthia that it will all work out. Suuuure Peter! Cynthia Run!

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Kenya’s Aunt Lori came to comfort her in her time of mourning. Her beloved Velvet died at 7 years young! I loved that little pup. Kenya is sobbing and heart broken. She loved Velvet and treated him like her child. Kenya suffers from trauma being abandoned by her mother so losing Velvet is very hard on her. I also shed a few tears during this scene. Aunt Lori assures her everything happens for a reason, and a memorial service will help ease the pain. It just might be a new chapter in Kenya’s book. RIP Velvet.

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Kandi is ready to address the toxic relationship between her and Mama Joyce before Todd goes out to buy milk and never returns. Kandi confess it hurts when her and her mother don’t talk. The two haven’t spoken since Mama Joyce tried to hire a hit man someone to set Todd up in a comprising situation then take photos of it. That seems like a justified reason to cut ties with a crazy mama. All Kandi wants is for her mother to accept her relationship with Todd. The counselor split the two up to find out each of their sides. Mama Joyce thinks Todd is an opportunist. She also thinks Todd should help Kandi become a better woman, by helping her lose 30 pounds.

It’s going to take work, but one thing’s for sure — they both love each other! Kandi and Mama Joyce share a hopeful, loving, embrace.

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NeNe touched down in New York City to check out her new HSN line of clothing. Oh Puleeeze Nene, have a seat! NeNe didn’t love all the pieces……there was one “wow” piece that she fell in love with however the other pieces are not up to Nene’s standard. The woman with dreadful fashions is dishing out criticism on fashions.

HSN is losing credibility quickly aligning with these Housewives, first Kyle now Nene. What a complete joke! And I can tell by the look on the faces of the people in the meeting they think Nene is a joke. I would love to be a fly on the wall after she exits the room!

One week until the musical begins and finally Porsha showed up to practice. Finally!! Everyone seems to be questioning Porsha’s dedication. She’s missed so many practices, she doesn’t know her lines or the choreography. Kandi’s stage play manager sets Porsha straight, letting her know she doesn’t think she’s fully committed but Porsha fools assures her she’s all in. Porsha is a total waste of time and Kandi should fire her now and save her play.

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Kandi’s hard at work getting ready for opening night of her play, ‘A Mother’s Love.’ Mama Joyce stops by to check out the space and Todd and Joyce talk things out. Todd was a gentlemen and tried to appeal to Mama Joyce’s softer side. Todd is hoping one day Joyce might learn to love him. I did notice during their conversation, Todd avoided eye contact (a lot) which is a sign of shyness or someone being less than honest. I can’t really tell with Todd, time will tell of his genuineness. Kandi and Todd got married Friday so I’m assuming Mama Joyce found herself a man and is minding her own business. This scene concludes the episode. Stay tuned for the season finale next week.

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