Married To Medicine Recap: Beauty Queens & Freak Dancers Have Feelings Too [Episode 1]

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married-to-medicine season 2[Photo: Bravo]

Don’t let your shady boots catch fire! It’s time for the season premiere of Married to Medicine!  Kari Wells is out as a full-time cast member.  Lisa Nicole Cloud & Dr. Heavenly Kimes are in.

Quad modeled for Fashion Designer Reco in a photo shoot.  She says: “With a mug like this, you never turn down a glamour shot.”  Girl, I definitely hear you on that one!  It’s hard being this gorgeous 24-7!


[Photo: Bravo]

Mariah and Quad are no longer best buddies. Quad starts crying amidst the bolts of fabric when discussing Mariah.  Dr. Jackie is considering having a baby using a donor egg.  Dr. Simone is not buying that Jackie can handle work and a baby.  Mariah is teaching her daughter Lauren how to give proper face in family pictures with her son and her nephew. Mariah’s nephew is being bullied at school.  Mariah advises her nephew to “Bust her up” and “hit it and quit it.”  Mariah probably won’t be asked to be the spokeswoman for any anti-bullying campaigns.

Mariah’s relatives discuss the broken friendship between Mariah and Quad.  They tell Mariah that she “made” Quad and that the jokes about Mariah being the puppet master has some validity.  Mariah blames Reco for incorrectly telling Quad that Mariah was jealous.  “envy is rotten to the bone…distance is the answer,” advises Mariah’s relatives.  Funny, I go with “To stop a feud, start talking!”

Dr. Simone is trying to juggle work and family.  Her solo practice’s new electronic billing system is slowing down payments.  Dr. Simone wishes someone would have told her: “Bitch your money’s gonna be looking funny for the next 6-8 months.”

Quad’s husband, Dr. Gregory and their two cute dogs in matching outfits are having breakfast.  We learn that Dr. G is a stanky night farter.  (TMI, puh-lease!)  Quad has left corporate America and Dr. G thinks it’s time she is pregnant not just barefoot in the kitchen.  Quad is not in agreement.

married-to-medicine-season-2-hero-is-quad-ready-for-a-baby[Photo: Bravo]

Toya is prioritizing being a mom and a wife.  She goes to visit her long-time friend, dentist, Dr. Heavenly.  Dr. H says Toya is “not the brightest chick in the group, but she’s a great person.”  Which I think is what we all want our friends to say about us when we are out of earshot.

Toya threw a charity bowling event. “Ms. Georgia Plus” (the winner of a beauty pageant for plus size women), Cha’Kiva, attended.  She talked about how in her role as “Ms. Georgia Plus,” she advocated that larger women can be healthy and beautiful.

You would have thought “Ms. Georgia Plus” just announced that she butchered Dr. Jackie’s family. Dr. Jackie jumped up with a look of disgust I have not seen since I was the only Asian kid at an all Caucasian elementary school.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.53.49 AM[Photo: Bravo]

Dr. Jackie sneered at “Ms. Georgia Plus” for trying to say she was healthy at a plus-sized weight.  You would have thought Cha’kiva was 1000 pounds, shoving bricks of lard in her face, the way Dr. Jackie was acting.  Dr. J said Ms. Georgia Plus needed “to work on not being plus.”  The higher your BMI, the higher your chance of heart disease.  In between sneers, Dr. Jackie says “I don’t ever want to make you feel bad.”  Too late, Dr. J!

Ms. Georgia Plus walked away looking like she had been emotionally battered.  The charming, vivacious, happy woman who had walked up a few minutes before was no longer to be seen. In addition to Dr. Jackie’s beauty queen insulting, Dr. Simone freak-danced up on Toya’s husband.  Evidently bowling alley charity events make people want to hurt other people’s feelings and grind on other women’s husbands.

Dr. H throws a swank party.  There is a quick shot of Kari Wells who is labeled as “Toya’s Friend” as if she had never been on Season 1 of M2M.  Mariah is decked out in a white dress with feathers and a big bun on her head.  She looked like madame the elderly puppet from “Wayland Flowers & Madame.”  (Ancient reference kids, Google it!)

Dr. H believes it is important to be submissive to her husband, Dr. Damon and calls him “daddy.”  Dr. Simone thinks Dr. Heavenly is bonkers.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 12.53.07 AM[Photo: Bravo]

New Married2Med cast member Lisa Nicole compliments Mariah on her feathers.  This is the only thing she says in the entire episode.  Not a great entrance for a new cast member!

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.18.11 PM[Photo: Bravo]

Quad walks in and does not acknowledge Mariah, then runs off to get a cocktail.

Dr. H decides it’s time to call Dr. Jackie out on the carpet – in the middle of all of her party guests.  Dr. H had formally been a plus-size woman, 70 pounds ago and found Dr. Jackie’s comments to Ms. Georgia Plus very offensive.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.20.10 PM[Photo: Bravo]

Dr. Simone starts acting as Dr. Jackie’s interpreter trying to justify Dr. J’s actions.  Dr. H tells Dr. J to speak for herself!  Dr, Jackie condescends and says Dr. Heavenly is a dentist, not a doctor and therefore isn’t qualified to talk about obesity and heart disease.  They go back and forth.  They eventually apologize to each other, but Dr, Jackie’s words lack sincerity.  Dr. Simone thinks Dr. H has the crazy knob dialed all the way to the top.

Back at the party, Toya decides it’s her turn and asks:  “Did Simone tell you she was giving my husband some booty action?”  Dr. Simone, still reeling from Dr. H calling Dr. Jackie out, declares that “all these bitches decided to come for me.”  She denies grinding and gyrating on Toya’s husband.  Although on the season’s trailer, there is talk of Dr. Simone’s marriage being on the rocks.

married-to-medicine-season-2-mobile-did-simone-give-toyas-husband-booty-action[Photo: Bravo]

Usually bad behavior is reserved for Toya and Mariah, but In the season premiere cool, calm and collected Dr. Jackie shows that she can hurl some mud of her own.  Stay tuned!


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  • SouthTampaLily

    So what do you all think – (1) was Dr. Jackie being a good doctor and a strong advocate for cardiovascular health or was calling Ms. Georgia Plus unhealthy at a bowling alley charity event unnecessarily mean? (2) Is it ever OK to freak dance on someone’s husband? (3) Does anyone know who Wayland Flowers & Madame is anymore (referring to Mariah looking like Madame the puppet at Dr. H’s party) or did I just out myself as being 900 years old by using this ancient reference? I’d love to hear what you think!

    • RonnieIsBack

      Your recap was funny and great. I remember madam…loved her nasty ole tail. Yes Mariah looked like her…she does not have the face for a tight bun on top, although I do think she is an attractive woman. It is not okay to freak dance on anyone’s husband but Toya shoudl have said something at the bowling alley..she just wanted to say it on camera #LaurenNotYoBabyGate all over again…
      Drd. Jackie is health conscious and a good doctor, but she is not a cardiac surgeon so if she was tossing around titles then she should have stayed in her lane. She could have chosen her words better. the Plus size model did start advocating big and beautiful and healthy but again Dr. Jackie could have given her a few healthful tip in a much better way instead of the all out attack that “well you are still fat and that is not good.”..or something like that. .

      • SouthTampaLily

        Ronnie – first thank you for the compliment! I’m new to writing recaps so I am glad that (so far) I haven’t seen any comments that say “Boring snoozefest recap!” I don’t know if I had amnesia but I completely forgot about #LaurenNotYoBabyGate – yeah that was shady, shady, shady. My rule is “do NOT mess with anyone’s kids” – especially on TV with millions of viewers. Not nice! I am in absolute agreement re: Jackie – she is a doctor and excess weight does cause the body to work harder & can lead to illness/disease down the road- but we all are just trying to make it through the day — so word choice here (like you said) could have gotten the message across — a gentle tap instead of a biatchy hammering! I wonder if Mariah will continue to dress like Madame the Puppet – time to say goodbye to the tight bun!

  • twifan2

    Great recap, South TampaLily! It’s like ‘watching’ the episode all over again!
    So much shade AND this is ONLY the first episode. 😮
    New people came out shading.
    I just can’t with ‘Heavenly’…Dr. Jackie called out Miss Georgia Plus at a bowling alley, Heavenly does it in her home during a cocktail party. Tit for tat ? :/

    Mariah looked more like Big Bird to me! OMG! All she needed was the music for a burlesque dance. 😀
    This is going to be one drama filled season! 🙂

    • RonnieIsBack

      Yes indeed Hey Twi!

      • twifan2

        Hi Hi RonnieIsBack! 🙂
        It was like the ‘newbie’ Dr. H was on that show from the start! Guess she is trying to make a name for herself. :/

    • SouthTampaLily

      Hey Twi – thank you so much for the compliment! I am a CHATTY GAL so trying to keep my recaps within a reasonable word count is HARD! I am curious about Dr. Heavenly – not sure if I like her yet or not. But the lady did get airtime- Lisa Nicole got zilch! Dr. H may have gone to the #RHOA Kenya Moore school of “getting major air time.” You are right on about tit for tat – calling someone out in the middle of a crowd at a party in your home – not exactly the correct party-hosting etiquette. People came for food & drinks, not for a wrestling match! It will be interesting to see how this season progresses!!!!

      • twifan2

        Chat away, SouthTampaLily! 🙂
        I didn’t like the way Dr H came out of the gate! Too strong, too opinionated, too ‘snobby’ for my taste.
        Look forward to your next week’s recap! 🙂

        • SouthTampaLily

          If the season focuses more on Dr. H’s submissiveness to her “Daddy,” I’ll probably be vomiting. I may need an airsickness bag for the next recap – hahahhaha!

  • RonnieIsBack

    Good Morntink Everyones…
    Great recap!!! I thought Simone saying they forgot to tell me “bish yo money gon be funny for a few months” was hilarious. She is still ghetto but she is harmless. Dr. Jackie needs to get laid or something…I understand she wants to have a classy persona but she is now coming off as nice/nasty..I guess she ate some of those lemons she wanted to squeeze last season.
    Mz Quad Mz Quad and Mariah…this is gonna be gooooood and nasty. It’s going down. trust.
    Reco needs to quit…he lost on Project Runway and his fashions are not all that…only a dog would carry a bone..he didn’t have to repeat what Mariah said about Quad…if she really was being nasty, it would have come out..he wanted air time and he got it…but he still hasn’t gotten his grill fixed…dayum!
    Glad quackers, kari, was not seen much.
    Glad Ms. Toya got a better weave…she also dropped some weight. Looking nice, but she was foul when she came out about Simone grinding on her man…NOBODY BUT TOYA AND A FEW OTHER DL BROTHAS WANT YOUR MAN BOO. If she didn’t like it, she should have just stood up and said Eugenia STOP LETTING HER DANCE ON YOU BEHIND. Period. He looked like he was enjoying every minute of it.
    I hope Simone and her marriage are alright. they seemed pretty level headed..but a man would like to have someone take care of him every now and then…if she doesn’t little Ms 30 something will…trust and believe…
    Dr. Heavenly is Dr. Hellish..she came on the show to start some drama…and boy did she…

    • ZammyB

      Ronnie this had me rolling!!! 🙂

    • SouthTampaLily

      LOL – “Quackers”!!!! Yes, yes and YES! Is my response to all of this! I also hope Simone’s marriage is OK & that the “coming up this season” trailer was just using it to draw suspense and viewership. Life is hard, relationships are hard and Bravo reality show cast members seem to have a high incidence of divorce. Not saying the reality shows cause divorce, but it definitely does raise the stress level & the number of people commenting on your “biz-ness” (to quote #RHOA Nene). Also agreed that Toya is looking much better! Do I sound like a freak if I say I am scared to see how nasty it will get between Quad & Mariah? I just want to hug them and say “Ladies, let’s stop the fighting” – but I think I’d just get decked and stepped over!

    • This right here^^^

      Dr. Jackie came off as rude and judgmental. I’m shocked Dr. Jackie doesn’t understand she needs to “meet people where they are.” I am sure the plus size queen knew all about diseases associated with weight. But she blew her up with a grenade.Her tone was not kind and her words cut deeply. That was not the time or place to flaunt her knowledge. She wanted camera time to inform the public of the dangers of being overweight, but she could have taken her to the side if you felt so strongly about expressing her feelings.

  • Excellent Recap SouthTampaLily!

    • SouthTampaLily

      Thank you!! 😉

      • Looks Like She deleted her comment….damn!

  • The following comment was posted by “The Spoiled Diva” ….looks like the poster deleted the comment but I still have it on my screen and it’s so good I had to copy and paste it below:

    TheSpoiled Diva • 24 minutes ago

    Howdy, this is ChaKiva, Ms. Georgia Plus America! Yes, I totally felt attacked. As soon as she heard the words PLUS it was on and that is what’s so disturbing. I’ve lost
    about 50 lbs and have about 25 lbs more before I hit my personal goal but did
    we talk about that…! I’m also very involved in my community and do tons
    of charity work…I even started a program in conjunction with the Boys and
    Girls Club of Metro Atlanta aimed at helping girls as young as age 10 boost their
    self esteem when people come to tear it down ( you know, sort of like what happened
    to me)! Thankfully I’m strong and confident so the affect on my ego was very
    minimal…if any at all. I wasn’t nearly as bruised or insulted as some would
    like to think. But that’s not the case for many!

    Anyway, please follow
    me on FB to see the good I’m doing and celebrate with me when I hit my weight
    goal. Your Fierce, Fly and Fab at any size Ms. Georgia Plus America ChaKiva Latrell!

    • twifan2

      I did see how Ms. Georgia Plus America smiled and kept her composure all thru Jackie’s ‘rant’. Kudos to to her!
      Awesome person! Beautiful soul. 🙂

      • She really is because I would have told Jackie where to go and how to get there.!

        • twifan2

          I would have been making my smirky face at her, then I would have slapped her up side her head.
          I mean, no compassion! Geez

          • SouthTampaLily

            I’m a hot head – Dr. Jackie’s sneer before she started talking would seriously have been a “GAME ON!” red flag to me. Weaves would have been a-flying! Ms. Georgia Plus definitely was showing her beauty queen self in being so poised and composed. It’s nice to see a woman of elegance and grace instead of a brawler jumping in to a cat fight!

    • RonnieIsBack

      This is why I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!! Yall rock!!!!! Great scoop!

  • TheSpoiled Diva

    I’m not deleting. Not sure why my comments are not sticking! Thanks Dr. Seuss for reposting. Great post…big smooches for spelling my name correctly LOL!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by!

      All Credit for this fabulous article goes to —-> South Tampa Lily.

      CONGRATS to you for losing so much weight. You look fit and beautiful !!!!

      We all know DOCTOR Jackie is a doctor but damn….the way she came for you was so inappropriate and unnecessary. That was not the right time or place.! Jackie came off as preaching and judgmental not caring. I felt so bad for you and embarrassed for Jackie.

      Being skinny is not an indication of a healthy. A person’s BMI can be within the calculated table and they could be depriving their cells of valuable nutrients on the inside.

      She owes you a big apology. I will check out your FB page now.

    • SouthTampaLily

      Welcome to AllAboutTheTea, ChaKiva! Love your Spoiled Diva collection Congratulations on your 50 pound weight loss! That is truly an accomplishment! “Plus” to some is a nasty word – like on episodes of old “Project Runway” when the designers sneer that anyone over a size 8 is a whale! The average women’s dress size in the US is 14, people! Yes, we should all work to be healthy but there’s a right way and a wrong way to address this subject with someone. I look at how many girls (and boys, men and women) look in the mirror and think they’re not good enough, think there is something wrong with them. This can lead to anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, depression, cutting, etc. Waist size should not equate to self-worth. Television is a wide forum with all ages and both genders watching. The world is listening – so it’s extra important to have positive reinforcement for those struggling – whether it is with their weight or other issues in their lives. It is important to be healthy but it is also important to love yourself no matter what your size. I am glad you were able to brush off Dr. Jackie’s not so nice delivery. Definitely the Eleanor Roosevelt adage “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Keep being a great positive role model and we look forward to hearing more about your career. Thank you so much for writing!

    • twifan2

      Oh wow! You look absolutely stunning!
      You’re Ms. Georgia-PERIOD! 🙂

    • RonnieIsBack

      U look Mahhhhh velous! The way Dr. Jackie was speaking, they made it seem like you were Precious size..a darn shame.. Keep up the good work!


  • SpringBreeze14

    This show started off filled with drama! LOL! Let me just say Dr. Heavenly was really turnt up and snobby! She kind of reminded me of Phaedra but with more mouth. I hate that Mariah and Quad are beefing because they really were my favorites but I’m loving their catchphrases! Also does anyone notice that Dr. Jackie is more messier this season? She was the one who tried calming the girls down last season but now she’s just as messy and Dr. Simone is copying Kenya Moore with flirting with the husbands I see…LOL! They are definitely borrowing storylines but in all I enjoyed the show!

    • SouthTampaLily

      I feel like Dr. Jackie gave up on being the peacemaker when the Lemon Squeeze didn’t work! Quad is a walking dictionary of fabulous lingo!

      • SpringBreeze14

        Maybe that’s what it was! LOL Quad is hilarious!

  • SpringBreeze14

    Nice recap btw!

    • SouthTampaLily

      Thank you!!!!

      • SpringBreeze14

        You’re welcome!

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