VIDEO: Married To Medicine Sneak Peek: Season 2 Premiere Tonight!

Posted on Apr 6 2014 - 12:11am by SouthTampaLily



The Queen Bees of Married To Medicine are back with a vengeance. Friendships have been broken as Quad discovers long-time BFF Mariah has been talking behind her back. Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie shocks Dr. Simone with news that she wants a baby. Later, at Dr. Heavenly’s cocktail party, sparks fly as Toya accuses Dr. Simone of inappropriate behavior with Toya’s husband.


Is Quad ready for a baby? Or is Dr. G enough? Quad Webb-Lunceford is now free to spend time making Dr. G a big breakfast, but does she have time to make him a baby?


Dr. Simone believes Toya and Dr. Heavenly came for blood when she’s accused of giving “booty action” to Toya’s man.


Doctor versus dentist: Dr. Heavenly on obesity….at Dr. Heavenly’s party, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone face-off with the dentist over the issue of obesity and heart disease


Mariah Huq calls Kari Wells a bad see after they get into it at Dr. Heavenly Kimes‘ party over a breast lift.


Dr. Jackie attempts to open the cap on the topic of her having a baby.


Dr. Heavenly and her daughter Alaura discuss the positive side effects of having junk in the trunk and if Alaura knows what fat is.


The ladies wonder if the devil has only changed his clothes after Quad and Mariah have a major bust up.




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  • Bryan

    “Married to bad taste”

    • Hey Bryan…do you watch these women? The show is actually better than moose’s show. Ya should give it a try. I would be interested in your views on it.

      • SAMRA1116

        Hey Doc it’s a good show, but like all, they get dirty with each other for small things. Except–telling something I told u to ANYONE —now u come for my child—just move along nicely—if not I will become your worst nightmare. I will tear u up—with the facts n truth—just know with most parents—talk about me, um I never gave a damn—but LOL don’t get kids in this adult mess. I’ll be watching the repeat tomorrow.

      • Bryan

        Seuss, I have tried to watch this show twice, its worse then Atlanta and done a horrible dis-service to professional hard working women of color everywhere

        • I totally understand…it’s your typical cookie cutter drama filled reality show but it’s my guilty pleasure *bows head in shame*

          I saw a clip and Dwight from the RHOA is on an episode. LOL!

          • Bryan

            Guilty pleasures are always a good thing, we need them Mine was VIP and now its the HW shows

          • A little never hurts….what was VIP?

          • Bryan
          • Ohhhh LOL! I remember this.

          • Bryan

            It was wonderfully silly!

          • And don’t we all need that in our lives sometimes! Like when you and Twi post your cartoon characters and gifs….it cracks me up.

            Btw…..we need one of your hilarious Tre pics on the last Tre thread.

  • twifan2

    There’s more shade on tonite’s episode than there are trees in a forest! 😮
    AND this is just the FIRST episode. Going to be a rough ride! 🙂