Taylor Armstrong Marries John Bluher!

Posted on Apr 6 2014 - 12:45pm by Avigail


Taylor-Armstrong-Wedding-John-Bluher[Photo: E! Online]

Kandi Burruss isn’t the only blushing bride this weekend—former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong also tied the knot.

Taylor and attorney John Bluher, exchanged their vows on Friday in an imitate beachside ceremony at the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, California.

“I married my best friend and [daughter] Kennedy’s family circle became complete,” she told People magazine.

Members of the RHOBH cast attended the event: Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, and Adrienne Maloof were among the 120 guests.

The bride looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle in a one of a kind, Chagoury Couture gown and Jimmy Choo shoes. Her 8-year-old daughter walked her down the aisle.

The groom presented his bride with two white gold bands adorned with 32 diamonds each. Her engagement ring, designed by Ari Soffer, is encrusted with 60 diamonds.

Taylor’s happy ending is well deserved. Her first husband Russell committed suicide in 2011. She told People magazine.

“I definitely believe the universe put John in my path for a reason. We were meant to be. John loves me for exactly who I am. I just know there will never be enough days with him.”



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  • MorningYawn

    Not sure why disqus is saying I’m the first to comment- I can’t imagine their has been no chatter on this post! 😉

    I think the author is very kind to say that T has found the happiness she deserves. I personally think the happiness she deserves is behind bars. She is as bad if not worse than her east coast “sister grifter” from NJ. How she has escaped prosecution is beyond me. No proof that she was in any way responsible for the death of Russell but in my heart I believe her moral corrupt ness along with his own, was a huge factor. Unless they spun that ish on RHOBH, and I don’t think they did in the least, she sold his ass down the river.

    • Hi MY–LMAO @ your post. I hope they haven’t been wearing purity rings and saving themselves for marriage. If so, Mr. Bluher will get quite a surprise on their wedding night when he tries to make love to Taylor and finds out she has “extra equipment” usually more likely to be found in a male locker room…

      • MorningYawn

        Ahhhh haaaa!! I did live her dress but God knows who she stole from to pay for it!

    • Dave

      Any bets on how long until she claims he’s abusing her as well? Never believed that Russell beat this lady. Convenient way to get sympathy. Buckle up, Mr. Bluher. You’re in for a treat with this nut job!!!

      • MorningYawn

        I have every faith that she will come up with some ish about how he treats her or his kids… Some “ugly cry” inducing BS fabricated story… Popping the popcorn in anticipation! 😉

    • Russel and his business partner both committed suicide when the grift was up…..
      Russel was heading for an arrest and exposure….

  • twifan2

    WoW! Lisa & Adrienne were there?! AND the Bitchards!
    They probably stayed at opposite ends of the room.
    Maybe now Taylor will ride off into the sunset-far, far away!

    • I know and NO Brandi. That’s very telling. I guess the two still have beef. I wish them happiness. I like John and the fact he adopted Kennedy says a lot about his character.

      • I am sure the prenuptial agreement includes a “no child support” clause when the divorce takes place.

        I see no evidence that John filed the paperwork with the clerk of courts to make adoption complete. Could the adoption paperwork been a stunt for Couples Therapy ?

        • I sincerely hope they would not exploit that child in such a harmful manner. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt (for now).

      • Brandi cant attend…..NYC filming Apprentice…..

    • Dave

      I am sure that she will be trying to pitch a new series based on her newlywed life…the episodes would be great…Episode 1: Taylor gets drunk and cries and paints herself as a victim. Episode 2: Taylor gets drunk and cries and paints herself as a victim. Episode 3: Taylor gets drunk and cries and paints herself as a victim and so on

      • twifan2

        Must you burst my bubble, Dave? :p

      • Taylor daughter is deeply disturbed and needs major mental health intervention. A television series would have to include Kennedy Armstrong and her strife.

        • MorningYawn

          Poor Kennedy… ugh!

    • TartLemon

      I doubt Taylor will disappear. On Couple’s Therapy she said reality was her career and cried about not understanding why the “career” was killing everyone in her life (maybe she said close to her, but same difference).

      If I didn’t know anything about Taylor, I may be able to appreciate how good she looks.

      Taylor’s a grifter. John is the mark.

    • MorningYawn

      Yes, there must have been a nanny cam somewhere focused in adrienne v Lisa, and Kyle n Kim v lisa. Definite opp for some dirt.

    • IMO Taylor is riding off into the sunset of another contrivance, why else would any of the cast be in attendance?

      Especially, Adrienne Maloof, as Taylor chose the side of Doctor Nassif.

    • John Bluher was having an affair with Taylor PRIOR to Taylor leaving Russel. John is the same type of grifter as Russel only John has a law degree.

    • Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick, Kim Richards, and Adrienne Maloof was in attendanc. NO DANA WILKEY

  • Would love to have been a fly on the wall for this one.

    • MorningYawn

      Did any if our RH friends tweet about it?

    • Faye Resnick was in attendance

    • where was Dana Wilkey ??

  • Dave

    These two deserve each other. I saw them on a reality show where celebrity couples with problems get help and these two were so obnoxious and so dysfunctional, I honestly can’t see them lasting too long.

    • Dani-K

      I saw them on Couples Therapy and couldn’t understand why Dr. Jenn did not address their drinking. One night, after the bowling alley, they had a total meltdown over the color of the towels and the heat in the room. Taylor was slurring her words and he wasn’t much better. It was embarrassing.

  • Sara

    The most amazing thing about this fabulous wedding is that there are actually 120 people who wanted to spend time out of their day to see this crazed drunk witch get married!

    • Dave

      Know why 120 people were there: free booze for all!

      • After they repeated their vows, a server brought them each a glass of champagne, which they shared together……I have never been to a wedding were the bride and groom drank booze at the alter.

    • MorningYawn

      Ah haaa! Some on his side even paid $ to fly in from CO! No punt of booze could have made me do it!

    • I am stunned and appalled anyone from RHOBH attended !

      • Sara

        I’m sure they received an appearance fee.

        • I was thinking that as well, however, I was wondering how Taylor could afford the fees?

          A exclusive was sold to a media outlet, such as, America Media, who will use the photographs for multiple stories?

          AMI owns, National Enquirer, Star Mag, Radar Online etc

          I just do not see a media source paying more than $5,000 for the exclusive photographs.

  • Birdie11

    Two drunk train wrecks together forever…how touching. Hopefully, someone gave them a set of PEA GREEN towels as a wedding gift. I HATE that I loved her dress…UGH.

    • Taylor: I don’t live like this. It’s not a good fit. I have PEA GREEN TOWELS. Do YOU have PEA GREEN TOWELS in your home?”

  • 124 diamonds on 3 rings…..shrieks of pseudo spurious opulence

  • Babson_Chick

    Well it’s official now – Troutlips has landed a hubby!! Hope they pay attention to Kennedy (remember Trout – she’s your daughter).

    • sociopaths only think of children as property.

      • Babson_Chick

        sure seems that way with her!!

  • John Bluher age 56, was married to Stephanie Bluher, (they have 3 children together) for 34 years, when Taylor Armstrong age 42, started her affair with John, PRIOR to Russel’s suicide.

    John Bluher did handle a lawsuit Taylor was involved in with MyMedicalRecords.com, pro bono.

    John traveled with Taylor while she was doing her book tour for ‘Hiding From Reality’ which talks about her abusive marriage. Taylors manager Robert Thorne denied this until photographs emerged of Bluher in NY and California.

    FOOTNOTE; The attorney of record for TAYLOR in the MMR case is Mr.Michael Gless AGE 71


    John Bluher is from Wyoming went to Cody High School
    after graduation in 1976, he enrolled at the University Of Wyoming, he
    graduated in 1980, he then went to the University of Wyoming College of
    Law, got his JDC in 1983.

    In 2000 he was named CCO at Prudential Securities,
    after that he was named EVP at Knight Trading Group. On July 2004 he
    served as Director of Risk in the General Counsel at Janus Capital
    Group, then fired in 2007, next came Lehman Brothers’ Investment Management Division fired in 2008. In 2008 he was named Chief Legal Officer at Neuberger Berman, quickly fired.

    Then Bluher was Chief Operating Officer and GC at Endion Capital
    Partners. Endion Capital Partners employs 2 people and has an annual income of
    $110,000. Martindale Hubble has him listed with Conrad Wilkes Capital Mgmt. nothing that shows actual employment with an income.

    2009 to 2014 = contrivance of scams with Russel and Taylor

    John Bluher stated: “I am working to close the legal issues created by Russell’s death and help Taylor form her new business entities.” “I manage and coordinate all the litigation, non-entertainment legal work for businesses and for her new foundation. I am a member in her companies and a director in her Foundation. Primarily for purposes of
    being able to sign documents and organize activities while she is away
    on business, on vacation or just plain busy.”

    • Babson_Chick

      Interesting – thanks!! Do ya think he’s strong enough to handle “lips”??!!

      • One can buy “Hiding From Reality” for $4 w/free shipping on several websites. Publisher Gallery Books.

        “Now, I really want to find a way for people to stop hurting one another,” Taylor said.

        The booked tanked as at the time of release it was well documented that Taylor made up lies in the book and her her girlfriend lied to the publishers fact checker of the book.

        Example: Pool, drowning, dog, police called, broke everyone’s nose, FACT there was no ambulance dispatched, no police records, no hospital record.

        When proof came out of Taylor’s grifting and lies of abuse, mass cancellation of Taylor’s speaking engagements ensued book tour stopped. Publisher was hoping not to have to buy back the books = IMO

        Russel sister’ Laurie Armstrong-Kelsoe, of Denton, Texas, said
        “If she was really abused then I’m sorry. But there
        is not one police report, not one 911 call on record. And this is from a
        woman who brags that she worked for years with an abused women’s
        shelter! There is nothing that really supports her allegations.”

        Russel first wife and mother of his 2 boys did state she was abused.

        Russel’s bff of 30 years said “He was volatile in the past and he was always attracted to women of a similar nature” ….. aka Taylor was a husband beater..

        Prior to Russel’s suicide HE made plans to move back to Texas without Taylor!

        To start work on a new business ventures with his 2 life long friends, even, picking out new business space. When Taylor was asked about these new revelations, Taylor was stunned and replied in shock that she had no idea.

        WHY, because Taylor was busy having her own affair with Bulher and plotting her new image as a battered wife smearing Russell.

        • Babson_Chick

          I believe that when Russell’s money dried up – so did she. I also do not believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

      • Taylor’s husband John Bluer is a grifter, and an alcoholic. I assume their marriage is very volatile, filled with drunken, drama and anxiety events.

        The marriage will last until Hollywood money dries up and Taylor finds another mark.

        • Babson_Chick

          Sounds like they’re perfect for each other. Now, what are they going to do to keep the money flowing in??!!

  • Norrth

    Every time their names are mentioned, I think about his poor wife denying the cheating rumors and defending her marriage. I hope she finds happiness again. Whatever his issues, she deserves happiness apart from him.