The Voice Recap: The Battles — Round 2, Part 2 [Season 6, Ep 15]

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Hey all!  Yes, I’m back again!  Battle Round 2 Part 2.  So let’s just jump right into things.

Team Blake – Biff vs. Sisaundra – “A Man’s World” by James Brown 

An ambitious song, that’s for sure, though both have the chops to make it work.  Both Blake and Chris Martin struggled during rehearsal to find corrections to give, there was little to correct.  The performance itself sounded amazing.  Sisaundra hit some spectacularly high notes that ended up surprising even the judges and Biff managed to not get lost and actually held his own against all that big note drama.

 The Voice: Biff vs Sisaundra


  • Usher – “That’s a man…And that’s a woman.”  Gives the battle to Biff.
  • Shakira – Biff’s voice is timeless.  Sisaundra has a sick register. Sick sick sick.
  • Adam – Sisaundra isn’t from planet earth, he says lovingly. He loves Biff’s ability to feel the performance.
  • Blake – Thanks them for being on the show, saying they solidify why The Voice is the best singing competition on television.

My two cents:  I hate Sisaundra’s dress.  I just do.  Sorry, shallow moment there.  Of the two, I much preferred Biff.  Yes, Sisaundra can sing those notes.  But I don’t like her performance.  She makes these crazy faces that just turn me off.  I can’t help it.

 And the winner is: Sisaundra


Team Shakira – Deja vs. DDendyl   – “Say Something” by A Great Big World

Oh it’s like cute overload with these two girls!  During the rehearsal, Shakira worries about Deja being able to connect to the song since she’s never been in love.  On the other hand, Ddendyl doesn’t really know what to do with herself performance-wise because it’s a ballad.  She doesn’t know how to stand or what to do with herself.  Chris suggests the ever-useful mic stands.  I’m curious how Ddendyl actually makes any sound since she barely opens her voice.  The performance was clean.  It was nice.  But that’s really it.

 The Voice: Deja vs. DDendyl

  • Blake – Blake admires Ddendyl’s artistry then goes on to talk about Deja’s innocence being appealing within the performace.
  • Adam – He praises Daje’s maturity and Ddendyl’s persistence on the long notes since she doesn’t have much of a vibrato. And once again he reminds us how happy he is to be on such a great show. (Are their contracts up or something? Is this a hint to the show producers?)
  • Usher – Calls the battle for Deja.
  • Shakira – Poor Shakira loves them both and says they both killed it.

My two cents:  Like I said, the performance was…nice.  They hit the right notes.  But I didn’t feel anything as they were singing.  I’m sure it’s because they’re young and this is a really big song about serious heartbreak and it was just bigger than they were.  Judging just on this performance, I give the battle to Ddendyl purely for her tone of voice.

And the winner is: Deja


Team Shakira – Kristen vs. Emily B. – “I Can Love You Better “ by the Dixie Chicks

We didn’t get to see any of their rehearsal time or even a full performance, only a clip.  I think they sounded ok but it was really too short to tell.

And the winner is: Kristen

(I’m slightly disturbed by the little girl playing the piano and signing Motley Crue’s Home Sweet Home in French during the commercial break.  What the heck is that all about??)


Team Usher – Stevie Joe vs. Morgan  “The Story of my Life” by One Direction

These guys are a little taken aback by their pairing because they’re really good friends off stage.  The biggest direction the guys give in rehearsal is for Stevie Joe and Morgan to be careful of their breathing so they have enough breath to sustain notes and hit the big notes they’re aiming for.  During the performance, Morgan channels his inner rock star, from the sound of his voice, to his clothes, to his mannerisms on stage.  Next to him, Stevie Jo looks a little buttoned up, although he sounds good.  They sounded absolutely fantastic together.

 The Voice: Team Usher – Stevie Joe vs. Morgan

  • Adam – “That was a song originally sung by boys, sung by a couple of men up there on that stage.  That was awesome.” He was happily surprised by how well Morgan did.
  • Shakira – She was surprised by the rasp in Morgan’s voice which she hadn’t heard before and praised Stevie Jo’s runs. Though I don’t think Morgan was completely happy when she said he sounded like another member of One Direction.
  • Blake – Calls the battle for Stevie Jo.
  • Usher – He’s proud of the work Morgan did, learning things about his own voice and capabilities. And he loves it when Stevie comes out of left field to surprise him.

My two cents: Morgan!  Morgan!  Morgan!  Did I mention…Morgan? I love the tone of his voice.  It just makes me melt.

And the winner is: Steve Joe


BUT THERE’S A STEAL!!  Morgan goes down to shake the judges’ hands Adam calls him over…. Adam pushes his button for the steal.  YES!!

So……?  What did you think of last night’s battles?  Who’s your favorite performer?  Who’s your pick to go all the way?  Leave me a comment below.  But, that’s it for now.  Until next time!



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